How to Get Rid Of Bruises Fast

Bruises also known as muscle contusions are a type of injury that has been faced by everyone at one point or another. They usually occur when our body collides with a solid object. They are also considered as a common sport injury. A Bruise can cause a mild discomfort as the tissues under the skin are crushed. A slight discoloration on the skin can be seen. 
Bruises cause damage to the soft tissues which results in a leakage of blood from the ruptured capillaries under the skin. The area under the skin swells up forming a purple red mark that turns out to be sore. They sometimes cause a restricted movement for person who is facing bruises.

How to Get Rid of Bruises Naturally 

Get Rid Of Bruises Fast

Types of Bruises:
Bruises are generally ranked into three categories depending upon their severity: 
First Degree: 
A First Degree bruise is caused by a minor injury and is the least severe. A minor break in the capillaries results in this bruise. Some swelling, a mild pain followed by some stiffness is indicated during the first degree bruise.  
Second Degree: 
A second degree bruise is caused due to a moderate rupture in the capillaries. Increased bleeding, swelling and pain are indicated with the second degree bruise. 
Third Degree: 
The most severe of all other bruises is the third degree bruise. A major rupture of the capillaries results in a severe pain and swelling around the location of the injury.
Causes of Bruises

The main causes of bruises include:-

  • They may occur in people who exercise rigorously. They often occur in athletes and weightlifters. These exercises can give rise to bruises resulting from microscopic tears inside blood vessels inside the skin. 
  • Certain inner bleeding disorder is the reason behind unexplained occurrence of bruises in certain individuals. Such bruises are often accompanies by frequent nose bleeding and bleeding gums.
  • Old age people have thinner skin and there is frequent occurrence of bruises in such people. This is due to the reason that the tissues responsible for supporting the underlying blood vessels have become more fragile with passage of time.  


Bruises can be easily seen as a reddish purple discoloration of the skin that does not lighten when pressed upon. This symptom further turns into black and blue appearance of the skin. While a bruise is about to fade, it becomes green and brownish in color as the body metabolizes the cells of blood and bilirubin pigment present in the skin. Light bruising may occur as a result of ostensibly insignificant compression of skin. This usually occurs when blood vessels are enfeebled by diseases, medications and other factors like aging and wounds. In some cases, shortage of blood-clotting element may also lead to bruising. A bruise may be painful in the starting but the pain fades away with time as the color fades away.
The immediate treatment of bruises is imperative. Proper Care and treatment at the time of injury will heal the bruise rapidly. The most effective and initial treatment of muscle contusions that results in getting rid of bruises quickly are: 

Proper Rest

Giving the injured area complete rest is very important. One should keep the injured area motionless for sometime so that it can attain as much rest as possible. Keeping the injured area still will slow down the blood flow and will prevent any further damage.


Applying Ice Pack to the injured area is the oldest and by far the most effective treatment to get rid of bruises. It reduces swelling, bleeding and pain that is caused due to the injury and results in healing it quickly. 

Method for the application of ice

You can take crushed ice in a plastic bag or a cloth and apply it slowly on the injured part. This will give you a feeling of comfort and slowly will heal your injury. Repeating this method for 10 minutes after every two hour will give you best results.


Elevating or simply lifting the injured area at the level of your heart will reduce the pain and swelling resulting in an improved condition.


By using a firm elastic compressed bandage to cover the injured area will reduce the bleeding and swelling effectively.

Parsley Leaves

Crushing the Parsley leaves and spreading them around the injured area followed by wrapping it with a bandage can result in getting rid of the bruises rapidly.

Essential Oils

Applying Essential Oils that are easily available in the market like rosemary, lavender, fennel, marigold or thyme oils can help in getting rid of the contusions easily. 

By following these simple steps, one can get rid of bruises or muscle contusions rapidly. These simple treatments can be carried out at home. 

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