How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast

Hemorrhoids also known as piles are a common health problem nowadays. This health problem can occur in any age but it is mostly seen in the 40s or 50s. They are the swollen blood vessels in the anal area that are sometimes painful. Here we are sharing how to get rid of Hemorrhoids Fast.
How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

There are several types of hemorrhoids, such as:

– External Hemorrhoids
– Internal Hemorrhoids

External Hemorrhoids:

Swollen blood vessels that reside under the anal skin are known as external hemorrhoids. They cause various problems and a lot of irritation and embarrassment sometimes.

Internal Hemorrhoids:

The swollen blood vessels that reside inside the rectum are known as internal hemorrhoids. They do not cause much irritation as they are not found easily. The diagnosis of hemorrhoids is based entirely on patient’s medical history and physical examination. Generally, a surgeon examines the anus with finger for symptoms and of hemorrhoids in the body.

Causes of Hemorrhoids:

Some of the main causes of hemorrhoids are given below:

  • Strain in the bowel movement is the main cause of forming hemorrhoids. Excessive force or pressure used at the time of bowel movement results in causing piles. The force puts pressure and the blood starts engorging around the anal veins. This is how hemorrhoids are formed.
  • Anal intercourse can be a major cause of hemorrhoids as well.
  • Heavy weight lifting can also form piles.
  • Lack of physical activity is the main cause of hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy can also sometimes cause hemorrhoids.

General Symptoms of Hemorrhoids:

  • Person can face itching and irritation at the anal part. This is the first symptom of hemorrhoids.
  • Painful bowel movement is also the major symptom that can be seen with a person suffering from hemorrhoids.
  • Blood Clots are formed in the anal part. Sometimes, bleeding can also occur from the anus.
  • Sometimes, Mucosa can come out at the time of bowel movement.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids 

In most cases, hemorrhoids can be treated by simpler changes in diet and bowel habits. Most patients do not require medications of surgical treatment unless hemorrhoids are too much server and painful. The main motive of non-surgical treatment is to reduce the amount of blood supply to hemorrhoids itself so that it shrinks and goes away with in few days. The scar tissue that is left helps in supporting the anal tissue and preventing the growth of further hemorrhoids.

For large internal hemorrhoids, surgical treatment can be incorporated when hemorrhoids are present in large numbers and if other treatments have failed to inhibit excessive bleeding. External hemorrhoids are the result of last stage of piles and they can only be treated with the help of surgery. If a blood clot occurs in external hemorrhoids, it becomes essential that it is removed with the help of surgical methods. In case of medical treatment, fixative procedures are the most common methods of non-surgical treatment available in the market. Many patients with normal hemorrhoids symptoms find relief by using several types of home remedies. These remedies generally include establishing healthy and hygienic bowel habits. These methods are easy and they require proper discipline in order to witness effective results.

Surgery for Hemorrhoids

Read About the Surgery for Hemorrhoids

Top 10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast:

A person who is suffering from these symptoms should consult a doctor immediately. If you want relief from this problem in a natural way then you can try some home remedies also.

Some of the home remedies are given below:

Keep the anal area clean:

Keeping your anus clean is the best way to keep yourself away from piles or hemorrhoids. Cleanliness is the best way to keep all the bacteria that form other health problems away from your body.

Change your undergarments daily:

To keep your body parts clean, you need to change your clothes daily. The same way you have to change your undergarments daily, if you have to keep your anal part dry and clean.

Ice Cubes:

To give a soothing effect to your anus, you can apply ice cubes on that part and get relief from irritation and itching.

Keep yourself Hydrated:

By keeping your tummy filled with water you can get rid of hemorrhoid’s. Water is a natural remedy that helps in treating all kinds of health problems. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to keep yourself away from all kinds of health problems especially piles. Water will help you go through an easy bowel movement that will help in treating piles.

Keep a healthy Diet:

A diet rich in fruits and vegetable will help you keep all your stomach problems away. By eating fruits and vegetable rich in fiber you can attain relief from hemorrhoids fast. Fruits help in moistening your anus that results in an irritation free bowel movement.

These techniques and tips can help you get rid of hemorrhoid’s easily and fast. Try to attain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating right.

Olive Oil:

This oil is best to treat external hemorrhoid’s due to its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has capacity to reduce inflammation and also increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

How to use:

consume 1 tablespoon of olive oil daily as monounsaturated fats inside olive oil may increase function of excretory system.

Witch Hazel:

This is well known as astringent and healing tree. It may to shrink inflamed blood vessels.

Directions to use:

soak cotton ball in witch hazel and apply it to on infected area. Do this at least three times daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

The astringent properties of apple cider vinegar help to shrink swollen blood vessels. This is useful for both internal and external hemorrhoids.

How to use:

If you are suffering from external hemorrhoids in that case you just need to soak cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply over your infected area.

And for internal hemorrhoids take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of water. Drink it at least twice daily

Black tea bag:

Tannic acid present in black tea which is helpful to reduce swelling and pain associated with hemorrhoids.
Directions to use: Dip your tea bag in warm water, remove tea bags from water and apply warm wet tea bags on infected area.

Aloe Vera:

It is used for both external and internal hemorrhoids. Due to its anti-inflammatory it helps to reduce irritation that is caused by hemorrhoids.

Tip to use:

You can directly apply aloe Vera gel on anus and massage properly, it will give relief from pain and calm down your burning sensation. You can also extract out aloe Vera gel and freeze it in a ice cube tray, then apply icy cold aloe Vera over your infected area.

Alternative treatments:

Over-the-counter medications:

Various creams, ointments are easily available from pharmacies without getting prescription from doctors. These drugs usually reduce any swelling and discomfort. You can directly ask them which drug is best for you.


Painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, and anesthetic are used to treat hemorrhoids. Avoid codeine Painkiller as it may cause constipation.

Corticosteroid cream:

If you have severe inflammation around your back passage. In that case doctors recommend you corticosteroid cream. Make sure do not use this cream more than 1 week as it may worsen your problem.

Sclerotherapy Injections:

A chemical solutions is injected into your blood vessels. This may relieves pain by numbing your nerve tissues.


In this technique infrared light or laser light is used to treat hemorrhoids.

Surgical procedures:

Two types of surgery performed to treat hemorrhoids that are Hemorrhoid removal and

Hemorrhoid stapling.

Hemorrhoid removal:

In this surgery, surgeons remove all those tissue that are responsible for bleeding. Local anesthesia with sedation is used for this surgery. Most of the people may feel some pain after the surgery.

Hemorrhoid stapling:

In this surgery, surgeons block blood flow. This surgery is less painful as compared to Hemorrhoid removal.

How to prevent:

  • Include high-fiber foods in your diet.
  • Drink six to eight glasses of water daily
  • Do plenty of exercises
  • Avoid long periods of sitting because it develops more pressure on the veins in your rectum.
  • Go when you need to go, don’t fight with the urge of going as it may cause problem.

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