How to Get Rid of Shaving Bumps Fast

You must have searched for this topic probably a zillion times. Yet didn’t find any appropriate article? Guess what! Here’s the quickest way to get rid of shaving bumps. Do you always wonder why does your skin pop out every time you shave? 

Or does that make you wonder if you did something wrong with that razor? Shaving your skin isn’t too difficult; it isn’t rocket science, right? Then why those bumps? It’s time to get rid of those thoughts because I’m about to tell you seven steps to smooth skin after shaving.

How to Get Rid of Shaving Bumps Naturally 

How to get rid of Shaving Bumps Fast
Causes of Shaving Bumps

Razor bumps are ingrown hairs on our skin that occur generally as harmless condition. The main cause of razor bumps is shaving. It is a common condition and almost each men who shave will experience the discomfort of razor bumps at some point of time. The disorder involving ingrown hairs on beard area is scientifically termed as psuedofolliculitis. It can occur on any part of the body which has been recently shaved and it can occur in both men and women. Severe razor bumps can evolve into other conditions like Barber’s itch, TineaBarbae and Folliculitis.

Symptoms of Shaving Bumps

Razor bumps may occur as a single bump or a group of red bumps on recently shaved area of your skin. They appear as inflamed and reddened papules that look like with pustules. They are often called as pimples with white heads. The most common symptoms of razor bumps appearance are reddening and irritation on the skin. In severe cases, razor bumps may become infected with a fungal or Staph infection. In such cases, immediate laboratory test should be conducted in order to determine the proper course of treatment for preventing the infection.

Ways to Get Rid of Shaving Bumps Fast at Home:

There are many ways to minimize the occurrence of these bumps and speed their heeling. Here’s a short step by step guide to get rid of your razor bumps:-

Shaving Bumps
Step 1:
Exfoliate your skin. In order to remove a group of hair, exfoliation with natural ingredients always helps. The skin pops may seem to be like acne, however they are not. Hence, all you need to do is rub off their top layer. But don’t be too harsh on it. You just have to remove the outer skin so that the hair is free and they don’t seem like a pimple.
Whenever you are dealing with the removal of the shaving bumps, you must be sure that it isn’t acne. You can distinguish between the both of them by checking whether it is red or pink. If it is dark and itchy, then it is a razor bump.
Step 2: 
Use Salicylic or glycolic acid to remove the ingrown hairs by getting rid of the top skin layer. Once the dead skin is removed, the process becomes easier. 
Step 3: 
If the bumps are still not gone then use a needle or tweezers to remove the skin and free the hair. Always ensure that the needle or the tweezers are clean and sanitized with alcohol so that there is no infection. Pluck out the hair carefully, not harming the skin. The skin damage is always very ugly to see and scars later on. 
Step 4: 
Never shave on the area that is damaged or has any form of irritation on it. You must know that shaving was the primary cause of the outburst of these bumps, so you must never repeat the mistake again.
Step 5: 
Stay away from the effects of alcohol as it may have a harsh effect on your skin. The strong formula may corrode your skin and dry it up, giving it an ugly appearance. Always read the constituents of the lotion for alcoholic components. The only time when you should consider using alcohol is while cleansing the skin before applying a needle tip on it.
Step 6: 
Lidocaine and Bacitracin are two products that you MUST use in order to get rid of shaving bumps instantly. In fact, many after shave lotions comprise of lidocaine and its action makes you feel no itching and irritation. Bacitracin is also an effective product that is found in products like Neosporin to kill harmful bacteria. These two products are definitely effective and a must have!
Step 7:
Always remember never to scratch! Even if you feel it may be the end of the world, but NEVER do that! The razor bumps may catch infection if your scratch them. If you scratch it, you will just spread the harmful bacteria all over the area resulting in more irritation and allergy. In fact, staying away from the skin patch will be the best option. 

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