How to Heal Dry and Chapped Lips the Natural Way

The reason for dry and chapped out lips may be numerous, but one must always take good care of their lips including protecting them from harmful agents. The chief reason why lips dry out is the habit that everyone has, licking the lips time and over. This is the root cause of the dryness caused. The human saliva is composed of two compounds, amylase and maltase, both of which promote dryness in the skin. 

How to Heal Dry and Chapped Lips

The two enzymes have the action of digestion and breakdown; hence they chip away the sensitive skin on the lips, ultimately leaving the surface exposed. 

Once the saliva dries up, the natural moisture on the lips fades away with it and hence, the lips become intensely dry. Most people believe that the reason that lips dry out is because of the lack of sebaceous glands. Such glands are primarily associated with hair follicles which are responsible for the secretion fsebum into the skin. Sebum is a natural form of triglycerides and the detritus of dead cells. The human lips consist of special type of sebaceous glands called ectopic sebaceous glands that are responsible to secrete sebum and ultimately moisturize and waterproof the skin on the lips. At time, because of the repeated dryness on the lips, a number of natural home remedies come in extremely handy. 
Chapped Lips
>> A few of the best ones are listed below:
Coconut is one of the many fruits that are packed with natural healing properties, especially related to healthy skin and maintenance of the texture of lips. The MCFAs are the major reason because of which, coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin. Coconut oil mainly is an emollient (a softening agent) and a moisturizer and it also allows the easy absorption of vitamins, especially vitamin E, an antioxidant that reduces the formation of free radicals that damage cells. Hence, one must always apply some coconut oil to preserve the beauty of their lips.
More than 90 percent of cucumber is water; hence it is almost like a delivery vehicle for H2O. With the help of the water in cucumber slice, you can easily restore the moisture on your lips. The presence of vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic acid in cucumber, promotes the production of collagen, a connective protein that gives structure and resilience to skin tissue. So, from now on, don’t just eat cucumber for salads, apply the slices topically to the lips and protect them from sun damage. 
The fats in mango butter are primarily made up of oleic and stearic acids. Because of these heavy chain acids, mango butter becomes one of the greatest agents to add softness and moisture to your lips. You can use the sebum and other triglycerides to your lips in the form of mango butter or oil is a natural way to restore the beauty of your lips.
Just like the oleic and stearic acids present in mango butter, Aloe Vera gel also has a hydrophilic property through which you can easily restore the moisture of your lips. Aloe gel when applied to dry and chapped lips attracts the moisture to the lips making it humectants. 
Application of your own sebum may seem to be gross, but it is ultimately the most natural, cheapest way to restore the beauty of your lips. 

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