Five Foods to Eat and to Avoid During Acne

Last night it was all fine. And suddenly in the morning you see a red aberration on the skin spoiling the morning beauty of the face and giving you a mild stroke if you have planned something big for the day. This is how usually the villainous entry is made in the story. The nightmarish pimple abrupt at its own will and leaves behind a mark. Sounds like a villain of a movie? Well, that is what it exactly is. 

Don’t worry and get ready for the combat! Now is the time to fight the damn thing and cease its existence. What would be our weapon? Food! Isn’t it incredible? You just have to eat to avoid the break out of pimple and not eat certain things for the same. 


Our eating habits control a great deal on how we look and how our health is. The food you choose to eat can deteriorate your health or make you look like a diva. So here are two options for you. Choose the first to become a diva or the second to become ugly.
1) Foods to Eat- 
  • Nothing fishy in eating a fish! : Omega-3 is a fatty acid that helps to control and prevent inflammation. These acids are found in fatty fishes, flax-seeds, walnuts etc. eating fish can give a smooth flawless skin.
  • Fennel- If you start writing the benefits of fennel, you would probably run out of paper. It is one of the best natural cleansers. It washes away the toxins, giving you a problem free skin. 
  • Broccoli- Green is good for your skin. Remember this always! Broccoli has innumerable nutrients and anti oxidants.
  • Green tea- did I just mention anti oxidants without saying green tea? Well, it is impossible to think of anti oxidant without mentioning green tea. It is good for your skin, good for your tummy!
  • Garlic- now when I mention tummy, taste and skin, the other name that rings in my mind is garlic. It makes your food tasty, keeps your tummy healthy and gives you a glowing skin.
2) Foods Not to Eat –
  • Sugar- If you have got a sweet tooth then you are at risk of confronting acne every now and then. Sugar promotes the secretion of sebum, a greasy substance that clogs the pores. Too much of chocolate, alcohol, sugary substance or any sweet containing sugar can increase the possibility of an acne outbreak. Cut down your daily sugar intake.
  • Cow’s milk- not only it make you fat but pimply too! Cow’s milk increases insulin in the blood which in turn causes acne.
  • Caffeine- Are you a coffee-lover? With all condolence, you will have to give up the cup. Caffeine catalyses the growth of acne. It triggers the pimple button by mis-balancing your hormone levels.
  • Processed food- this needs no explanation. Everybody has been telling you against it. All you need to do is stop eating the processed food completely and see your skin glow within a week. Do it with conviction and you sure will witness the change?
  • Greasy foods- fast foods and junk foods have high content of oil in them. Although it is not about oil, it is about good oil and bad oil. Avoid bad oil which is generally used in all fast foods. You can use good oil like olive oil to cook the delicacies at home.

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