How To Get Rid Of Mucus in Throat Naturally

Irritated with that uncomfortable feeling of something lingering in your throat? This situation is not alien to anyone. Everybody, from time to time, suffers from mucus in throat. Running nose and clogged throats are the usual sights with the suffering lot. The most irritating part of the problem- no medicine shows effect! 
It is the excessive mucus that is a problem, not the mucus. Our body produces 1-2 liters of mucus a day. There function is to moisturize the nasal passage and clean it from pollutants. It filters the air off any alien material. However, when the body is affected by cold, Flu or sinusitis or any other allergen, it responds by producing excessive mucus. 
How to Get Rid of Mucus in Throat Fast
How To Get Rid Of Mucus in Throat Naturally

Following are the reasons behind the mucus in throat-
More often than not, the mucus drips down the throat without any problem. But when the mucus starts accumulating around throat then the congestion increases with time and it doesn’t drip because the texture becomes thicker and stickier.
You must have noticed that the initial stages of flu or cold are characterized by thin and flowing mucus which causes flowing nose. With time the mucus thickens with its color changed to yellow. It is because of the action of influenza virus on mucus.
Pregnancy also causes an increase in mucus in throat.
Allergies- A number of people have allergies that trigger the production of mucus. Allergens are treated as foreign  particles and thus body produces more mucus to restrict their growth
There are natural remedies and DIY methods to handle mucus in throat. The simple ingredients available at home are very effective for mucus reduction. Here are some examples-
Honey- Honey is a natural healer and has qualities which, if enlisted, would baffle you out! The best thing is it can be mixed with many of your eatables and it enhances the taste as well. One of the properties of honey is to aid in excessive production of mucus.  You can use honey in your lemon tea or on toast. Do NOT use honey with milk. It exacerbates the situation. 
Hot liquid and steam- The warmth of hot liquid loosens the thick mucus and removes the congestion. Hot water, tea or coffee are the usual options but you can also have soups or herbal tea that will benefit your heath as well. The warmth can also be inhaled i.e. you can take a steam of hot water with menthol or just the water would also do. The steam clears the nasal passage and the thin mucus rolls down the throat. It is an effective and fast relief method for the problem.
Hot and spicy food- Have you ever noticed how you start watering from everywhere be it eyes (tears), nose (mucus), mouth (saliva) or the whole body (sweat) when you eat something spicy? Spicy food instigates the process of water production in the parts of body and this in turn thins out the mucus in the throat. Thus a treat to your taste buds can also help in throat congestion.
Let us see the DO_NOTS of this issue.
  • Do not smoke if you have throat congestion.
  • Stop intake of dairy products. They thicken and increase the production of mucus.
  • Stay away from the allergens and avoid eating things you are allergic to.
  • Do not keep mucus in nose or swallow it. Spit it out and remove it as often as possible.
  • Do not use perfumes or other things that can irritate the nose and increase the mucus production.
Gargle with salted hot water- the hot water relieves the congestion and salt kills the germs. It is by far the most advised remedy of throat congestion. It clears the mucus from throat in two or three times of gargle. A regular gargle kills mouth odor and other oral problems too.
Ginger with honey and cinnamon is excellent for your throat. It not only clears off the mucus but also heals the inner walls of throat. Ginger is considered good for singers as it gives a clear and good voice too. 
Last but not the least, drink as much water as you can. It liquidizes the thick mucus and keeps the throat congestion- free.

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