Top Ten Foods that Increase Sperm Count

So you and your wife are planning a baby.  Your worries are at peak. According to research, 90% of the male infertility cases comprise of low sperm count. It is a major obstruction in the path of having a happy and healthy family. 

Here are 10 foods to increase your sperm count and free you from any kind of worries.

Asparagus- Though infamous for the smell it causes in your urine, asparagus can really boost up the number of your sperms. It is enriched with vitamin C which helps in increasing sperm count tremendously. 
Banana- You must have seen the gym trainers and other body fitness gurus taking this name and swearing by its health enhancing properties. But here is a fact that few people know. Banana is a miraculous fruit for sperm count increase. It has Bromelain which helps the process.
Food that increases sperm count
Dark Chocolate- The aphrodisiac food doesn’t only play cupid in bedroom but also increases the sperm count. The dark desert contains L-argenine which exponentially increases the sperm number and semen volume.
Walnuts- The omega-3 fatty acids in walnut increase the flow of blood in your genitals in addition to the sperm count. They have the highest quantities antioxidants as compared to the other nuts. It lowers the cholesterol level and prevents heart coronary disease, too.
Garlic- Garlic contains allicin which prevents plaque in arteries. It improves the endurance of a sperm and hence makes fertilization successful. Selenium and vitamin B6 in garlic saves sperm from damaging and regulates the hormones.
Beef- Although the red meat is a strict no-no for people with heart disease, but it works wonder in case of sperm count. Beef contains zinc, which good for your little guys as zinc saves them from free radicals.
Pomegranate- The arils of pomegranate are like little gems for your sperms. Pomegranate is like a cure for all ailments. Certain chemical in your blood kills the little swimmers and lower your sperm count. But pomegranate juice can do to your sperms what a shield does to a warrior.
Avocado- Avocado contains vitamin E, B6 and folic acid. It increases the mobility of the sperms and gives them strength to penetrate the egg.  So make Guacamole for the dinner and make plans for your future babies.
Brussels sprouts and spinach help in increasing sperm count too. They not only increase the quantity but improve the quality too. Spinach has folic acid which is good for the health of your sperm
Oysters- known for its aphrodisiac quality, oysters increase the sperm count too. It contains zinc which helps in the count and repairs the damaged sperms. 

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