How to Get Rid of Pink Eye Overnight

Pink eyes, also known as conjunctivitis can be a real hindrance in your normal life. It is contagious so keeps all the public places out of reach for you. You are in self exile for as long as it continues. There is a high possibility that other family members, especially children in the house catch the disease. Pink eye is highly contagious and demands strong vigilance over the things you use so that the little ones can be saved from the infection.

The duration of infection extends from 7 to 10 days and causes no major harm to the body. The irritation, however, is unbearable and frustrating.
Pink Eye
The symptoms of the infection are-
Swelled up eye lids.
Redness in the eye.
Sensation of irritation while moving the eye ball
Too much watering in the eye.
A feeling of itchiness and burning sensation of eyelids.
Along with the above mentioned symptoms, a person can also experience pain in the eye in some of the cases. Factors that aggravate the condition are-
Exposure to dust and pollution.
Wearing lenses.
Weak immunity of the body
Fingering the eye.
Using dirty water to wash face. 
Use of hard soda in soaps you use for face wash.
There are mainly two causes of eye infection
Bacterial infection
Viral infection
Other than these two, a few other causes can be 
Long exposure to sun and dust
Dryness due to lack of water in the eye.
Irritants like hair or pollen gets in the eye.
Getting rid of pink eye overnight is not possible but you can surely reduce the pain and symptoms by following some simple remedies. Given below are few of them-
Cleanliness is the key to good health. 
Whether it be your eyes, ears, mouth or any other part of the body, keeping it clean reduces any chance of infection to a great extent. The infection is caused because of the exponential growth of bacteria, virus or other microbial organisms. The good habit of cleanliness keeps a check on their growth and helps to protect you from different diseases. So wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes with your finger.
Warm compress
Giving warm compress to affected eye can relieve pain and reduce swelling. Use essential oil for the compress so that the remedy becomes more effective. First wipe out the crusted white secretion of the eye from eyelids and then gently clean the eye before giving it the compress.
Make an eye wash from fennel leaves by boiling them in water. Use this eye wash thrice a day for fast recovery. Fennel is known as the sight herb and has many benefits that the eye can use.
Turmeric is anti-bacterial herb and it helps in stopping the growth of bacteria in the eye. Take two tablespoons of turmeric powder and mix it in water. Put the water to boil. Use it to wash your eye when it cools down.
You can make a natural eye drop using pure honey. Mix a table spoon honey in a cup of water and stir it well. Use it as eye drops several times a day. This reduces the inflammation in the eye.

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