10 least effective exercises that do nothing to your body

Have you been working out for a while and not much has changed? Do not blame yourself as it can be due to the less effective workout regimen you are following. Any workout is a good workout and a simple physical activity can also reduce few pounds. But if you are working out to achieve a target in limited time, then maybe you should give a second thought about your exercise routine. Exercises play an important role in deciding which part of body loses how much and what muscle structure is attainable after the workout. For example, the ballet dancers stretch a lot to form muscles which help them in dancing whereas to an athlete it may prove t be totally vestigial part. He/she may like to build muscles around calf and shins to give strength while running.

Here is a list of least effective exercises which are not worth wasting time on-
  • Running on the treadmill- Simply running on the treadmill can only move a brick out of the huge wall of fat you have created over the time. If you want a brick by brick demolition of your weight then the exercise is good for you but if you want a targeted outcome then you should mix some cardio with your running.
  • Crunches – Crunches have become a synonym to abs. But are they really that effective? Here is a pinprick to burst the myth. Crunches are the least effective exercises for building abs. It strengthens only a small part of the abdomen. The more effective version of crunches is bicycle crunches. Plank and side plank are good if you want to build abs.
  • The roll downs- In the name of stretching roll downs seem like a joke. Roll downs i.e. touching your feet is a basic warm up exercise to prepare your body for heavy exercises. Doing just the roll downs won’t do much for the body.
  • Adductor for thighs- adductor is not of much use if you are not a martial arts practitioner. Instead focus on squats and lunges for thighs.
  • Sit- ups with straight legs- Sit ups with straight legs can give an injury for lifetime. Sit ups are not effective generally and doing it with your legs straight can cause a severe injury in the back.
  • Squat machine hoax- Do you have knee problem? If your answer is no then you don’t need a squat machine. Squat machines are useless and you can easily achieve the aimed calorie burn with the simple squat variation exercise.  
  • Pull-downs- If your bar is in front of you then it’s all right but if it is going back then you are at high risks of injury. They do not contribute in strengthening the muscles. So you see, it is no gain and only pain!
  • Wrong lunges technique- a proper lunge has many technicalities. The toes should come behind your knees or say the toes are more open than your knees open. Remain parallel to the ground, do not lean forward and knee should remain at 90 degrees.
  • Spot reduction- Spot reduction is a deception. You cannot reduce fat of a particular part of your body. The body gains weight equally and slims down equally. There may be more fat accumulation in certain parts but while slimming down it may get reduced to its original size according to the shape of your body.
  • Dumbbells- the greatest misconception you see frequently in a gym is the use of dumbbell to simply lift and bring it down sideways. This can hurt your back, muscles and nerves too. 

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