6 Most Effective Ways To Get Rid of An Ear Infection

Ear has three parts namely, outer, middle and inner ear. The outer ear is the ear structure you can see with Pinna (the hole in the ear where sound enters the middle ear). The middle and inner ear has intricate and delicate parts of the ear. It is in this region that the chances of infection are highest. Ear infections are common in kids and infants but there can be few cases of infection in adults too. The infection in outer ear is easy to get rid of. But the infection in inner ear is the most severe one. The complication arises due to the vulnerability of ear drums. 

How to Get Rid of An Ear Infection
How to get rid of an ear infection
There are Home Remedies to treat an Ear Infection-
Oil- The oldest method to get rid of the pain is using oil. This method has been in use for centuries and is very effective in relieving pain. You can use essential oils to enhance the efficacy of the remedy.
– 1 tbsp coconut oil or almond oil
– 2 drops of tea tree oil
– 3 drops of lavender oil
– 2 drops of chamomile oil
Warm the oil and add all the essential oils to it. Pour the mixture of oil drop by drop into the ear. It will relieve the pain within half an hour.
Salt or Rice- Salt and rice are the two commodities easily found in every household. They can help in ear pain. 
– Heat the salt or rice.
– Cover the hot salt with a cloth
– Check it on your skin whether it is bearable or not.
– If it is bearable, then lie down and stuff the salt in your ear.
– Keep it there for 5 to 10 minutes.
Garlic- Garlic has healing qualities and is a natural pain reliever. It aids in ear infection and heals the ear. There are many ways to use garlic for ear pain.
– Fry two garlic cloves in a tablespoon of mustard oil. Fry them till they turn black. Remove the cloves and use the oil. 
– Boil garlic cloves in water. Crush them to make a coarse paste and add salt. Apply on the affected part of the ear.
– Eating garlic, first thing in the morning, can prevent any such infection.
Holy basil- Basil has many health benefits and can aid in minor ear pain. Ear ache that is in its initial stages can be prevented from being severe if basil is used to treat it.
– Extract the basil juice by crushing few basil leaves.
– Dab an ear bud in the liquid and apply in and around the affected ear.
– Make sure the liquid doesn’t drip into the ear canal.
Alcohol- Sometimes water drops get accumulated in the ear and they cause infection and pain. Alcohol is dehydrating agent. It absorbs and removes water from ear and thus roots out the cause of infection.
Apple cider vinegar- apple cider vinegar is anti fungal liquid which can work wonder if the ear infection is due to fungus. It eradicates the fungus and relieves pain.
– Mix vinegar, water and alcohol in equal proportions. 
– Dab a swab of cotton in the solution and plug the ear with it.

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