How to Deal with High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure may seem to be a common and not so dreadful disease. But the reality is far from this misconception. High blood pressure can be fatal in many cases. It is also the root cause of diseases like coronary heart disease, heart failure, kidney failure and stroke. Sometimes, high blood pressure goes unnoticed and is detected after a major stroke or failure. If you pay heed now and recognize the symptoms, then it becomes easy to handle the disease. According to the data, there are more than 75 million people suffering from high blood pressure in America. This makes every third person a patient of HBP.

Blood pressure is the pressure with which the blood flows in the veins and arteries. It is measured in blood pressure numbers.  The reading of blood pressure helps to decide whether a person is suffering from HBP. Reading of less than 120 for the top number and less than 80 for the bottom number is considered normal. 
How to Deal With High Blood Pressure
There are two stages in high blood pressure-
Stage 1-> 140- 159 or 90-99
Stage 2-> 160 or higher, 100 or higher
How to know if you have high blood pressure? – There are no specific symptoms of this disease. You may experience a dull headache or bleeding nose only when the high blood pressure is on a stage where it can harm you immensely.
– By changing your lifestyle you can avoid high blood pressure or get better if you already have HBP. These are simple steps towards a good health and they cost nothing as compared to the medicines and the pain you go through during the disease.
– Reduce those extra pounds and slim down a bit. Being overweight is one of the major reasons behind a high blood pressure. The increase in weight is reflected in the increase in blood pressure. The more weight you gain, higher is your blood pressure.
– Eat less but frequently. Try to include as much green leafy vegetables as possible, in your diet. They reduce cholesterol and help in metabolism of the body. Add fibrous food and fruits in your meals to enhance their nutrient quality. Avoid intake of fatty and greasy stuffs. They are more harmful than you can imagine.
– A regular exercise not only keeps the body fit, it also reduces your blood pressure and helps you in losing weight. The important aspect of exercise is regularity. Try to devote, at least 30 minutes every day, to your work out.
– Avoid too much of salt intake in your food. High salt content gives a push to blood pressure. Salt has sodium which increases the blood pressure of the body.
– Cut down on drinking or avoid it altogether if possible. Drinking is harmful to your body in more number of ways than one.

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