How to Get Flawless Glowing Skin

Our skin faces tortures in form of pollution, wind, UV rays, humidity and what not! It protects our internal organs from external agents but wears out in the struggle. Skin needs utmost care and pamper as compared to any other part of the body. Your skin defines your personality, so keep it glowing, charming and flawless. Having a healthy skin needs consistency in your routines and practices. It is not a toiling hard work but small and simple things that you can include in your chores. 

How to get Flawless Glowing Skin
Here is a list of things you need to follow to make your skin healthy-
  1. Stop using chemicals and hard cleansers on your skin. Skin is a delicate tissue and a hard cleansing agent can damage it. Chemicals make skin devoid of moisture and essential nutrients. 
  2. Identify the type of your skin. There are three types of skin namely, oily skin, dry skin and normal skin. Sometimes people have combination skin where certain parts of face are oily and others dry. Remedy has to be according to your skin type.
  3. Whatever be the skin type, water is the wonder liquid for all the skins. Water removes toxin from your skin and cleanses it thoroughly. You should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. 
  4. Have a healthy diet enriched with nutrients, fibers and minerals. Lack of a nutrient may not cause a disease initially but it does affect your adversely. The first sign of any deficiency shows up on skin instantly.
  5. Exercise regularly. Exercising make you sweat more, which in turn, cleans the body off the toxins. The salt in our sweat acts as a disinfectant and kills bacteria in and on the skin. 
  6. Keep the towels and pillow covers clean. Any clothe that comes in contact with your face should be clean. Wash your clothes at least once a week.
  7. Do not touch your face every now and then. Our hands touch thousands of things in a day and collect bacteria and skin irritants which may cause skin infection if we touch our face with hands.
  8. Use a homemade face wash and scrub to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, respectively. Natural ingredients do not cause harm to the skin. And unlike the chemical face wash, they do not contain soda (soap). They clean the skin naturally.
  9. Maintain the pH balance of the skin by using products that are mild. Neither too alkaline nor too acidic. For example, use rose water to wipe the face instead of toner. 
  10. Keep your scalp clean. A dirty, flaky or unhealthy scalp gives rise to many skin problems. The oils from scalp and hair make the skin oily and prone to pimples.

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