How to Get Rid of Constipation Fast

Constipation may not perturb you to the extent that you have to skip office and work but it does disturb you to the extent that you are not able to work properly, eat properly, sleep properly or do anything properly for that matter. That constant heaviness in the stomach doesn’t let you concentrate anywhere else. 

Constipation is the stomach disorder in which a person faces difficult in passing stool. The excessive strain needed to pass the hard stool sometimes leads to other diseases like hemorrhoids or irritated bowel disease. There are can be many causes behind constipation but the prime and the most usual cause is the lack of adequate amount of water in the body or say, the digestive tract. 
How to Get rid of Constipation

How to Get Rid of Constipation Fast

Here are the other causes-
  • Lack of water
  • Lack of fiber
  • Irregular schedule
  • Intake of pain killers
  • Pregnancy
  • Eating disorder
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Physically inactive
  • Eating too much of dairy products
You do not have to sweat out for hours to cure constipation or take strong medicines for it. Just a few changes here and there in your routine would do. Given are some of the remedies for quick relief and few also for a permanent cure.
Oiling the bowel- you must have heard oiling the machine parts. In this case, body is your machine which needs oiling. A spoonful of any thick oil, for example- castor oil, olive oil or sesame oil, can do magic. A regular dose can root out the problem completely. The oils mentioned are digestive system stimulators which aids in a good bowel movement.
Lemon- Life says if you get lemons, make lemonade. True that. But after that drink it every morning to clear your bowels! Lemon in warm water can cure the disorder forever. It not only cleans the bowel but also throws away the toxins from the body. it reduces fat percentage of the body and gives you a clearer skin.
Epsom salt- magnesium sulphate in the salt acts as a laxative and helps in the motion. It softens the stool and stimulates bowel movement so that you do it without strain.
Flax-seed- High in fiber these small gems can do magic in your digestive tract. A regular use ensures permanent cure for constipation. Flax seeds can be eaten as it is or you can add them to your shakes. They give a nutty twist to you usual shake. Add them in sandwiches, burgers or any eatable. They go with everything!
Eat salads- the raw fruits and vegetables are the biggest source of fiber and apart from relieving constipation, they add so many vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients to your meal that you can stop worrying about the other health issues as well. Make sure to include salads in every meal.
Eat your morning cereals in yogurt instead of milk. There are many reasons to do so-
  • It is tastier than milk
  • It has more nutrients than milk
  • It has probiotic bacteria which milk doesn’t contain
  • It is easy on your fat percentage of the body as compared to milk
  • Makes your food more digestible
  • Very good for digestion
  • So do you need more reasons to start eating yogurt daily?
Water is an essential part of our diet. All the processes in our body take place in liquid medium. Body needs water to facilitate the functioning of every part. It is so essential that in its absence the body cannot work properly. It provides mineral to the body. as stated above that lack of water is the prime reason of constipation, so work on it and drink as much water as possible.
Sit for the motion daily in the morning to make a habit to excrete in morning. Our body has a clock, this you must have heard. But it works in excretion as well, this only few of us know. Get your body in a habit of visiting toilet in the morning.
Squat while cleaning your bowels. The sitting position interferes with the tract through which stool comes down. While you squat, the tract is free from any inhibition and the stool comes out easily.
Practice yoga. It works magic. It will uproot the problem forever. There are few yoga poses that you can do before going to the toilet. And some after having your meal.

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