How to Get Rid of Roaches Permanently

Sometimes we wish that cockroaches were never originated. Roaches commonly called cockroaches are very unpleasant creature. These are the insects no one allows to be in home even then they self invite them at home, kitchen and all-around the home. Once they set at home they start to grow in numbers and spread the diseases and bacteria. They are a very good carrier of disease infected bacteria, pathogens and microbes. They infect the food and other edible substances and spread the disease. If you have such unwanted guest in your home then you need to take special action against them. There are numbers of ways listed below to get rid of roaches permanently.
How to Get Rid of Roaches Permanently

Ways to Get Rid of Roaches Fast:-

  • Keep your home clean, especially kitchen
  • Roaches generally feed on the left food and snacks or on edible material which remained unsealed. They grow and develop in number where they find food and water source as well as darkness to hide them and dwell.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Put all the waste in dustbin and clean it daily.
  • Don’t keep your food in open.
  • Keep the dishes clean and dry after wash.
Don’t provide source of water to roaches
  • Roaches need water for their development and to multiply. They can’t survive without water even for a week. So try not to provide them water source.
  • Don’t keep water in the open.
  • Turn off the taps tightly.
  • Don’t let your sewage system open. Check and seal it properly.

Make a homemade insecticide solution.

  • Take some soap and water mix them well to make solution.
  • Pour the solution in the spraying bottle. Spray the solution on the adult cockroach making sure that it you spray it on head, lower part of body especially on abdomen. They can’t tolerate this solution and will faint soon. Pick them and through out of home.

Seal the entry of roaches:

Roaches mainly come through very little space left between the windows, doors or sometimes through a crack in wall. Detect their passage of entry and seal the holes or points permanently. Once the cockroaches entered in the home are killed other set of cockroaches can’t enter. This will surely help you in getting rid of cockroaches permanently.

A sticky solution.

Take a bowl and add some water and glue in it. Put the solution for overnight where there is maximum occurrence of roaches. This will help in trapping the adult cockroaches. This may not kill the nest but deduct the quantity.

Bay leaves:

Bay leaves aroma is intolerant for cockroaches they run far away from the fragrance of bay leaves. So it is the cheapest and easiest way to throw away cockroaches out of home. Make power of some bay leaves and keep them in contact of nest of cockroaches. They will not able to tolerate this smell and will run away.

A mixture of boric acid floor and white sugar:

Mix one part of boric acid in one part of sugar and flour. Keep it in contact with roaches. Sugar and flour aroma invite the cockroaches to feed while boric acid helps in killing them.

Yet boric acid is not so toxic for pets and humans but even then uses it safely and keeps it away from the reach of children and pets.

Cucumber and aluminum trap:

Keep some cucumber peels in an aluminum can. The smell is too strong for roaches to inhale. This pungent smell will surely keep them away from the home and kitchen.

Insecticide solution:

If your home is full of roaches and they are not controlled with the above mentioned solutions then go for insecticide spray. There are number of insecticides spray available in market. Spray the insecticide for night. You will find some dead roaches over the floor. Pick them up and wash floor and kitchen thoroughly.


This is the best and popular method to keep roaches away from your house. You just need to dry mint leaves, then crush them. Add these crushed leaves mix with essential oil and spray on high traffic areas.


This ingredient has strong smell that’s why cockroaches can’t stand the smell of garlic. Take out fresh clove leaves of garlic or garlic clove grind it to make powder. Spread garlic powder in appropriate locations to keep those roaches away.

Dish Detergent:

Use detergent to kill roaches because roaches breathe from their body. Whenever you see the cockroaches pour some detergent over them. Detergent blocks their breathing spots and suffocates them to death.


Catnip is also one of the good natural repellent. Boil some catnip leaves in a hot water and make a tea, sprinkle this tea on locations of roaches.

From where do roaches come from?

  • From your neighbor’s: yes if you didn’t have roaches before and you suddenly saw them so, it may be the chances that they come from your neighbor’s.
  • Get back from your trip: If you suddenly notice roaches after a long vacation than it might be a chance that they come along with you. Cockroaches can easily grasp into small objects, so this is very much possible.
  • Small cracks inside doors and windows: Cockroaches are outdoor bugs but some time they fine new places to live so maybe they target your house.
  • AC’s or Cooler: Keep on checking where the pipe & cables enter the house. Always spray pesticides to avoid entry of Cockroaches or roaches.

Some important tips that need to kept in mind:

  1. Try to avoid inhalation of the chemicals that you are using for killing roaches or cockroaches because they are harmful for your lung and also cause some breathing problems.
  2. If you found some dead roaches or cockroaches, not to forget to disposed them properly.
  3. Did you notice roaches or cockroaches are always attracted towards your household. So keep in mind to dispose your garbage on regular basis and do not throw half eaten or fermenting items here and there.
  4. Always try to hidden baits or chemicals which you have prepared or buy to kill roaches or cockroaches because there are higest probabilities that infants or pets consume them.
  5. Always clean your kitchen floors or counters with some disinfectant liquids as they are effective to keep away the roaches.
  6. According to various studies, cockroaches cannot live without water more than 1 week so try not to spread excess of water here and there. Also fix if any water leakage.
  7. Always keep naphthalene balls inside or outside the house as they seriously don’t like its smell.
    Always try to put your utensils or kitchen equipments downward which resist cockroach eggs drop inside them.

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