How to Get Rid of Bad Cough using Home Remedies

Coughing occurs due to the throat infection. It leads to serious health problems, if not cured on time. Yet it is not so serious problem and we can treat the primary level of cough with some home remedies. Coughing is not only a health problem, but also spoils your social reputation. Yet you can curb this problem with meditation but first try out some of the home remedies for it.

How to Get Rid of Bad Cough

How to Get Rid of Bad Cough
Drink boiled water:
To get rid of bad cough you have to keep yourself hydrated. Normally dry cough is due to the lack of water in the body. Drinking of boiled water after the regular interval of time can reduce this problem of bad cough.
Steaming can help in clearing the entire nasal and respiratory track blockage.
Gargle with warm water and salt:
Take one cup of water and add pinch of salt in it. Gargle it and this will help you in clearing the throat and removing the cough causing bacteria.
Be in  the humid zone:
Use a humidifier and make a humid zone in the home. This will protect you from the bad cough and other nasal allergies. As the dry air cause irritation to your throat and increase the coughing problem.
Some everyday ingredients used for curing cough
Turmeric powder in milk with some honey is helpful in removing the cough and curing the dryness of throat.
Ginger is very helpful in treating the bad cough. Chewing the raw ginger wet your throat and its herbal benefits clear your throat and helps in killing the bacteria which cause the cough. All the cough relieving candies also have ginger in them.
Honey is very helpful in curing the cough. Honey contains the enzyme which helps in fighting against the cough. So have a tablespoon of honey in regular intervals of time to get rid of bad cough.
Bad Cough Home Remedies
Menthol cough drops:
Menthol also help in preventing from the cough menthol cough drops will help you in curing cough.
Almond can be used in giving relief from the cough. You can make a paste of night soaked almonds with butter and sugar. Take the paste twice a day and you will feel relief from the bad cough.
If you are feeling the congestion in the chest then the best home remedy for you is taking the onion juice with honey. This will help you in preventing you from bad cough.
Finally chopped garlic pieces with honey are helpful in removing cough causing mucus. Mixing honey with the paste of garlic and ginger is helpful in bad cough.
Homemade cure of cough:
Tea thyme:
Thyme leaves are very helpful in curing cough as it open the airways as well as helps in relaxing the muscles of throat. 
How to use it
Put the thyme in a glass with boiling water. Cover the lid and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then add some lemon drops for taste. Drink it.
Repeat the process twice a day.
Ginger tea:
Add some ginger paste to your daily tea. This will help you from the cough.
Hot soup:
When you feel the cough then drink the hot soup. It will help in opening up the blockage of throat. It also helps in thinning the mucus and wetting the throat.
When you feel cough avoid these things:
  • Don’t drink cold water.
  • Don’t speak too much.
  • Give rest to your throat.
  • Avoid the dishes which add more mucus to throat and worse the situation. Like ice-cream.
  • Keep something in your mouth like honey or ginger to give relief to your throat.

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