How to Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating on the Face

The toxins and chemicals present in our body are excreted through the sweat glands which open up as the tiny pore in the upper layer of skin. This is a natural process commonly called as sweating. But in summers this process occurs with a rapid rate and leads to excessive sweating with a very bad odor. Sometimes it is very difficult to tolerate such a person with unpleasant odor. In spite of armpits, legs and other area, maximum people face the sweating on the facial region. To give you relief from facial sweating, we have some home remedies to get rid of excessive sweating on the face.

Ways to Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating on the Face
How to Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating on the Face
Drink plenty of water:
Excessive toxin release due to sweating occurs if the body is not hydrated. So drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. This will lower the rate of sweating.
Use face wipes:
Clinically treated facial wipes has the antiperspirant quality in them. It helps in removing the sweat from face and keeps the face cool and dry. It is a quick way of removing the facial sweat and essential for the sports person as they have the maximum sweat on the face due to more physical exercise.
Tomato juice:
Tomato juice is easily available in every kitchen. One can make the tomato juice of it and drink. It helps in controlling the sweat in the body and face. You can also try chopped pieces of tomato rather than juice.
Wheatgrass has folic acid, vitamin C and proteins. It neutralizes the toxins in the body and don’t allow the excessive sweating in the body. So take a glass of wheatgrass juice to remove the sweat of face.
Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is the wonderful natural moisturizer of face with all kinds of skin benefits. It makes the skin soft, beautiful and don’t let the facial sweating happen. Apply the Aloe Vera gel or pulp to your skin to give maximum benefits to it. You can massage your face with Aloe Vera gel and keep it overnight.
Acid cider vinegar with honey:
This is an effective home remedy for the sweat controlling as well as for losing weight. What you have to do is make a mixture of two tablespoons of acid cider vinegar and honey and drink it with empty stomach for 3 days. You will get the face with the controlled perspiration.
Sage tea
Boil some of the sage tea leaves in water and have a cup of it, daily. You can see the good results. Sage tea is the natural herb which is antiperspirant in nature. 
Apply Cucumber juice on face:
Cucumber juice is helpful in keeping the facial skin healthy, clearing the pores as well as reducing facial sweat. You can apply it evenly on face with the cotton balls. Try this daily to have a dry, sweat free face.
Eat healthy:
Maintain a healthy diet. Drink more milk, healthy fruits and vegetables. Drink fruit juices. This will help in making you strong internally and neutralizing the toxins.
Avoid taking salt and hot meals:
Intake of salts and excessive hot meals, drinks like tea, coffee increases the facial sweating. So avoid these to get rid of facial sweating.

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