How to Get Rid Of Fish Odor from Kitchen

Fish is one of the tastier and healthier foods of world. Even though many of us don’t bring it home and hate it smell. Yes, the fish smells foul because the bacteria attack on died fish and the aroma of this degradation and chemical release is too bad to smell. To get rid of fish odor from kitchen try out these below mentioned steps and have a healthy and happy dinner. When you have to prepare the fish, keep these things in mind.

How to Get Rid Of Fish Odor from Kitchen

How to Get Rid Of Fish Odor from Kitchen

Close the other rooms while cooking in kitchen:
When you have to prepare the fish then make sure that the other rooms are locked properly. As the fowl aroma of fish covers the whole house as well as fabric. So close the doors so that the aroma of fish remains up to kitchen only.

Ventilate the kitchen properly;
When you are preparing the fish then make sure that all the windows and ventilation of kitchen are opened properly. So, the smell of fish goes immediately out from the window and doesn’t keep in the kitchen.

Try to make the fish outside:
Barbeque is a good option for the fish dishes as the smell easily goes in the air. So always look for the option of making the dish open in the air.

Clean the kitchen after cooking:
The spots remain in the kitchen after cooking smell very bad. So to remove the smells clean your kitchen immediately after cooking.

Soaking in milk:
If you got the fish which is two day older then you can soak it in milk for 15 minutes. This will reduce its foul smell.

Aromatic candle:
If you have fish for your dinner then you can make then essence of room as pleasing as the taste of fish. Buy some aromatic and decorative candles and blow them to have a wonderful feeling with mouthwatering fish.   

Water and vinegar:
Take few drops of vinegar in water and soak the fishes in it. The vinegar does not let the fish smell foul.

Tap water:
If the fish is fresh then you can make the fish wash thoroughly in the tap water. This will remove the bacteria which create the bad smell.

Baking soda:
Baking soda also does well to banish the smell. So add pinch of baking soda to your fish and make it smell better.

Lemon juice:
You can add lime juice to fish to make it smell better because lime juice easily absorb the fragrance of fish.

Salt to your hands:
Your hands also smell unpleasant when you prepare the fish. To get rid of that what you have to do is rub your hands with salt and wash them. The table salt will neutralize the smell of fish odor.

Moisturize your hands with lemon:
Take the lemon piece and rub in your hands. The citrus counter the foul smell of fish and also moisturize your hands. Wash your hands after this. 

Make coffee after the fish:
The coffee aroma best suits to counter the intolerable smell of fish. So make some good aromatic coffee so that it can change the essence of your home.

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