How to Get Rid of Hang Nails Painlessly

Hangnails are basically the torn out cuticle of the hands which is very painful and sometimes it leads to the bleeding from the nail side skin. We can protect our fingers and get rid of hangnails by using some home remedies and preventive measures.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Hang Nails Painlessly
How to Get Rid of Hang Nails painlessly
By using petroleum jelly:
Petroleum jelly has the healing power and it form the layer to the nail cuticle and prevent from the further damage from the air. The fats in petroleum jelly also help in the healing of the cuticle.
Apple cider vinegar:
It is a very good for the skin care. It has the natural ingredients which heal the skin from the various infections. Apply the apple cider vinegar on the sides of finger nails once a day. It will help in the pain reduction.
Yogurt has a large amount of skin and body benefits and it also known as the super food. For the maximum benefit apply the yogurt to the finger nails or dip the finger tips in yogurt for some time.
Honey contains such enzymes which heal the skin faster. So, to get rid of hang nails you can apply the honey on nails for half an hour and then wash the hands.
Oil massage:
Oil is also beneficial in preventing from the hang nails. Warm the oil for sometime massage the oil on the nail tips and around the nails. Then leave it for some time. Wipe the fingers with cotton or cloth. Repeat this process everyday for the better results.
Vitamin E oil:
Vitamin E oil massage is very good for the skin. So massage the nail beds with vitamin E oil and keep them for overnight for the better results. 
Avocado also has the effectiveness in healing the skin from the damaged nail cuticles and hang nails. You can blend a ripe avocado and apply the paste on the nail beds. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash the hands.
Moisturizing cream:
Normal moisturizing cream can also be used in the nail cuticle as it also protect from the more infection and don’t let the blood flow from it.
Lip balm:
Lip balm has a very good effect on the nail cuticles and helps in reduction the nailhangs and heals them fast. You can apply small amount of lip balm to the nails.
Some prevention:
  • Nail hangs occur due to the biting the nails. So avoid the nail biting.
  • Have calcium and iron rich diet as it occurs due to the deficiency of iron calcium and minerals in body.
  • Take care of your hands and prefer the manicure in regular interval of time.
  • Cut your nails time to time and keep them hygienic.
  • Wash your hands regularly.

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