How to Get Rid of Hickeys Fast

Hickeys are the love bites which leaves its marks for days to remember you the moments. The skin get red or purple due to the bite of lover and its redness takes at least a week to heal and to disappear the redness. But in some cases these hickeys becomes embarrassing when you have to be in front of family or be in short dresses. 

Ways to Get Rid of a Hickeys 
How to Get Rid of a Hickeys Fast
There are several methods to hide your hickeys to show to the world and remove the redness mark within no time.
Cold down the hickey:
You can use this method as soon as you can after you get the hickey. The redness marks appear on the skin due to blood flow in the internal parts as hickeys bite rupture the internal blood vessels. Cooling that area will not let the blood flow from that area. 
What to do:
Take the ice cube, wrap it in towel and rub the area smoothly where you got the hickey. This will reduce the redness of the mark as it will clot the blood flow. 
Don’t make a direct contact of ice to the skin. Make something intermediate. 
Warm the hickey:
Once you cold down the hickey then there will be no more blood flow. Due to cooling the blood get clotted internally which show the redness.
What to do:
Keep a warm water bottle where the mark of hickey is. Otherwise warm the water and soak a corner to towel in it and then rub the hickey mark.
Do this treatment after three days of getting the hickey. If you do it before three days then you can make your hickey bigger by making more blood flow. 
Rub with toothbrush and comb:
Rubbing is helpful in removing the mark of hickey. As rubbing the significant area let the mark go lighter. You can use good bristle toothbrush or a comb.
What to do
Rub the area for 5 to 10 minutes. Do it applying some pressure. After rubbing, cool down the skin with ice covered in the towel. Repeat the process for three to four times.
Rub the skin gently. Do not apply much pressure. Otherwise it will leave you with the scratch marks of bristles or comb teeth.
Peppermint treatment: 
Peppermint is helpful in increasing the blood flow and removal of blood clot. You can find some peppermint oil, lotion or any toothpaste having peppermint in it.
What to do
Apply the lotion or oil gently on the target area. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes and then clear it with towel dipped in warm water. Repeat the process.
Don’t do this for more than three to four times. Otherwise you may have chances to get some kind of skin allergy or irritation to infected area.
Massage can help in shifting the blood to the other part of body and disappear the hickey.  You can massage the area with your figures.
What to do
Put the warm water bottle on the hickey mark for 10 to 15 minutes to shift the blood flow to other area.  Then rub gently with the fingers to make it fast to shift the blood flow.
Hide the hickey
If every above solution of getting rid of hickey fail then the last option left for you to get rid of the hickey is hiding it.
What to do 
  • Hide your love bite with thick layer of makeup.
  • Hide your hickey mark with shirt or scarf.

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