How to Get Rid Of New Car Odor

Buying a new car brings the happiness to the family and it is treated as the important part of family. Everyone wants to have the ride in the new car. But it looks very embarrassing and intolerable if your new car stinks. It may be due to the smell of leather and plastic used in the manufacturing of car. 

Ways To Get Rid of New Car Odor

How to Get Rid Of New Car Odor

Yet it is not a defect in the car and one can easily remove the unpleasant smell of car by using certain remedies given below.

What causes the car odor?


The car covers are usually made of plastic which causes the bad smell of plastic and other covering materials used in it.

Paint of car:

You choose a car according to its color. It is the identity feature of a car. But remember the car paint is also the contributing factor in the smell of car. As the paint contains such chemical which leads to the poor smell of car.


In the making of car a lot of adhesive and sealers are attached to the car. These adhesive contains the glue or some sticky material. These don’t contain a good smell and cause the foul smell to the car.


What to use to get rid of new car smell:


You can spray the deodorant in your new car to have a fresh aroma in the car. Deodorants have the minute particles which kill the germs and bacteria present in the car.

Car freshener:

Buy a car freshener to have the decent aroma in your car. This is very helpful in killing the chemicals which spread the foul smell to the car. Fix your favorite fragrance car freshener in the car.

Clean your car:

Your car stinks because it needs the wash. So wash the car regularly and clean the covers and seat of car. This will help in reducing the stink of car.

Barbecue charcoal:

To get rid of bad smell of new interior in the car, keep a piece of barbecue under the seat in the front row of car. The fragrance of charcoal will eliminate the smell of interiors present in the car.


Fruits have the fantastic aroma. You can counter the new car odor with the fruity fragrance. Cut two lemons and one pineapple in small pieces and put it in the car. Keep it for one day. This will help in giving a good odor inside the car. You can avoid to take the fruits after putting them in car for a day. 


Some Preventive Measures:

Remove the unwanted stuff:

The new car contains a lot of unwanted stuff which contribute to the bad stink of car, such as plastic covers, sheets etc. when you will remove the unwanted stuff from the car then this will reduce the bad smell of car.

Keep the car airy:

When you go for a drive in your new car then always try to open the window. The fresh air will enter in your car and it will automatically reduce the new car odor.

A sun bath to your new car:

The sun rays will eliminate the bad smell of car and speed up the process of removing the smell. So keep your car for an excellent sun bath at least for three days. This will work well in the removal of bad odor of your new car.

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