How to Get Rid Of Puffy Cheeks

Kids with puffy cheeks look so cute but when it is about the adult face, these puffy cheeks make you feel embarrassing. Many people confess that they ruined their social life because of chubby cheeks. They even hesitate to face the camera. Excessive fats on the face make it bulky and spoil the whole personality. Expensive attire could just a waste of money if your face is not in order. People with puffy cheeks think it’s the fat problem so they try to lose the whole body weight. But remember if its puffy cheeks then you only need to reduce the fats of cheeks. 

Ways To Get Rid of Puffy Cheeks
Just follow some simple steps to get rid of puffy cheeks.
How to Get Rid of Puffy Cheeks
Try some face exercises:
To reduce the bulkiness of cheeks face exercise is must. Facial movement help in removing the face fat and make cheeks to be less puffy. Try out some face exercises like
– Suck the cheeks. 
– Fill your mouth with air and then blow it out. 
– Make the fish mouth.
Cucumber slices:
Take the cucumber slices and pour few drops of lemon juice on it. Put it on face. This is very good treatment for the reduction in puffiness and redness of the face.
Keep yourself hydrated:
Drinking water help to keep body fit and remove toxins. Dehydration causes blockage for the removal of fats and then lead to excessive growth of fats in the body and cheeks. So drinking plenty of water is the easy remedy for chubby and puffy cheeks.
Say no to butter, cheese, chocolates and alcohol:
You love chocolate and all other fatty food but you have to avoid it if you want to fulfill the desire the beautiful cheeks.
Strawberry mask:
Mash the strawberries with the one tablespoon of honey and olive oil. Make it a paste and apply it on the face by keeping it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it with water. Strawberries do well in reducing the puffy face.
Balance your diet:
Take fruits and vegetable in your diet. Have fruit juice. Say no to coffee and tea. Add 8 to 10 glasses of water in it. Take calcium rich diet i.e. milk, eggs. The balanced diet keeps your body in shape and doesn’t let the fats to deposit.
Smile more
Smile is the contraction and relaxation of face muscles. It is a face exercise which doesn’t let the fats to deposit on the cheeks. Make your face smiling one as it will help in keeping the chubby cheeks in shape and fat free.
Chew bubblegum
You love to chew bubblegum?  Then here is good news for you. Chewing bubblegum can make your face to be in shape. Yes, it is true. Just chew a bubblegum and you will see that how your face fats starts reducing. Bubblegum is not only for eating purpose, but it is also taken for muscle exercise of face. 
Don’t be stressed: 
Stress may not be the direct factor for puffy cheeks but indirectly it helps in increasing the fats of face. When you are in stress it naturally increases your appetite and you tend to eat all stuff which is full of fats and calories, like chocolate, butter and junk food. All the food with high calories and fat automatically add fat to your face and it looks chubby.
Have a sound sleep:
A sound sleep is very necessary for 6 to 8 hours. It keeps you fresh and helpful in the fat reduction of body. So have a sound sleep and keep your face in shape.
Maybe you tried to hide your chubby face with layers of makeup or hairs or gave a thought about plastic surgery. But before going for any other option you just try the above remedies. You will surely find the difference in your face without any side effect. 

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