How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Fast

 Having a quick shave leaves you with the irritated and burn skin. These razor bumps are painful as well as infectious in nature. The razor bumps are the commonly occurring problem in the males as well as in female who use razor to clean the hairs of legs and armpits. To get rid of razor bumps there are some easy home remedies one must try.
How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Causes of Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are caused either because of those hairs that curl and re- enter in your skin or due to those hairs does not come out of the follicle. These hairs may cause pimple like bump due to inflammation and irritation.

Symptoms of Razor Bumps:

  • Redness
  • Bumps
  • Stinging
  • Irritation

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Naturally:

Hot compression:

To get rid from the razor bumps you need the hot compression. The hot compression cleans the infected area and reduces the bump. Dip the cotton ball in hot water and apply it in the region where the bump is. Repeat the process for the quick relief.

Witch hazel:

It is anti-inflammatory in nature and possesses the antiseptic properties. On can apply the witch hazel directly on the skin where the bump occurred.

Tea tree oil:

Dilute the tea tree oil with water and apply it on the skin to heal the razor bump. The anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil are very soothing to skin and effective for the bumps.

Lemon juice:

The acidic nature of lemon juice prevent from the infection and bacterial growth. It also heals the area and reduces the redness due to infection. Yet, the lemon juice cause irritation to the burned skin.

Aloe Vera gel:

Aloe Vera gel is the natural moisturizer and heals the skin. If you get infect from a razor bump then this can be healed with applying the aloe Vera gel on the targeted area. You can get the gel from the fresh leaves otherwise aloe Vera gel is also available in the market.


Aspirin also works well in curing the skin problems. It reduces the redness and kills the bacteria which cause the bumps. Finely crush the aspirin and mix it with water. Apply this paste on the region where there is a bump. This will work quickly to give you relief from skin burn due to razor.

Black tea bag:

Tea contains tannin which is very helpful in serving you with a good skin. One can drink the black tea for the internal benefits otherwise put a black tea bag in hot water for 20 minutes. Cool the tea bag and put in the targeted area where the bump is.


Honey controls the infection and reduces the irritation and redness caused due to the razor bumps. You can directly apply it on the skin and repeat the process for the better benefits.

Baking soda:

It is one of the oldest home remedy to get rid of razor bumps. Apply a paste of baking soda mixed with water on the razor bumps. This will reduce the irritation as well as redness on the face.

Essential oils:

Essential oil can trigger the problem of razor bumps and make the skin smooth and clear. You can directly apply the essential oils on the cuts and bumps.

Cucumber and milk mask:

Mix cucumber and milk in the equal quantity to each other. Then make a mask and apply on the razor bumps. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash the face. This will heal the redness and reduces the bump.

Baby Powder:

Baby Powder has several uses as it is used to clear rashes. It may possibly used to remove diaper rash on children but is also observed that these are effective for razor or waxing rashes.

Direction to use:

You just need to sprinkle baby powder on your area where you want to shave.

Wear cotton Underwear:

Bikini area is more sensitive place because it feels too much pressure and friction. To avoid this always busy cotton Underwear which allow your skin to breath and prevent accumulation of bacteria.

Cold compress:

This is most fastest way to get rid from razor bumps on your body area such as legs, neck, armpits etc.

Direction to use:

Wrap 2-4 ice pieces in a towel and apply over your infected area. It may surely reduce redness, soothe inflammation and itchy rash.


While bathing you can use loofahs sponge, washcloth twice in a week. They help to remove dead cell that restrict hair follicles. This method also reduces irritation and open clogged pores.


This helps to reduce irritation and inflammation because it has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Direction to use:

Mix oatmeal with yogurt in equal portions. Mix them well then add honey to the mixture. Apply this mixture over your infected area and let it dry. Wash it off and repeat this method twice in a day.


When you use Cornstarch over your skin it smoothen your skin and remove all razor bumps

Direction to use:

You can either apply directly o your infected area or you can mix it with water to make a paste. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it.

Strawberry Paste:

It has anti-inflammatory properties due to which you easily remove razer bumps.

Direction to use:

Mix Strawberries with sour cream and mash them properly. Apply over infected area, after 15-20 minutes wash it off from your skin.

Alternative treatment:

Antibacterial and antibiotic creams:

These are the drugs that are responsible to treat razor bumps. These are over the counter drugs, but before applying these creams do consult your physician.

Razor bumps liquids:

These are the liquids that are used aftershave. This razor treatment can be applied anywhere on your body to shave hair. Apply directly over your body parts after shaving.

Salicylic Acid:

This is commonly used to remove dead skin that prevents air to reach on hair follicles thus reducing the redness of the razor burn.

1% Hydrocortisone:

This is basically anti itch cream. It softens your skin and reduces inflammation of your skin. You can use this twice in a day but avoid using number of times as it may worsen your rashes.

Alum Block:

This is antiseptic and basically looks like soap bar. You can directly apply on your bumps directly so that it prevents bleeding to come out.

Prevention of Razor Bumps

  1. Use high quality of shaving cream.
  2. Use a new and sharp razor every time before the shave.
  3. Use the moisturizing lotion after the shave.
  4. Don’t use old and dirt razors.
  5. Use antiseptics like Tea Tree Oil.
  6. You can also use a Depilatory Cream instead of using razor.
  7. Before shaving put some warm water on the area you’re going to shave so that it may soften your skin.
  8. You can also use electric razor as they are easily available in market.
  9. Don’t try to stretch your skin while shaving. Keep in mind always shave in the direction the hair is growing.
  10. Don’t pick or scratch your razor bumps also do not try to rub infected area.
  11. Avoid shaving until all bumps healed.
  12. Try not to shave twice in a same place.
  13. Always use good quality of shaving products and also learn proper shaving technique.

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