How to Get Rid Of Shoe Odor Fast

You usually feel the embarrassment when you have to remove the shoes in front of someone and you know that your shoes have the bad smell. Sometimes you throw your favorite pair of shoe away because of their bad smell. But you don’t need to hate your shoes because of the bad smell it generates. 

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Shoe Odor Fast
In spite of throwing the shoes, you can remove the foul smell from the shoes by using the home remedies. Here are some home remedies to get rid of shoe odor.
How to Get Rid Of Shoe Odor
Baking soda:
Baking soda is known in eliminating the bad odor. So pour some baking soda to the shoes and keep it over night. In the morning remove the baking soda from the inside and wear the odor free shoes.
The best and easy home remedy for the sting free shoe is keep the news paper inside the shoe and remove the newspaper in the morning. The newspaper helps in soaking the bad shoes odor.
Wash the shoes:
The bad odor of the shoe also occurs if not washed regularly. So wash your shoes regularly at least once a week and let them dry outside and then wear. 
Orange peel:
Take the orange peel and put it in the shoes for overnight. This will kill the foul smell causing bacteria and viruses this will leave a pleasant smell in the shoes.
Fill your shoes with the vinegar for overnight. In the morning, rinse the shoes and let them dry and then wear. You will be relieved from the bad smell of the shoes.
Coffee grounds:
Keep the coffee grounds in the shoes for overnight and then remove them in the morning. The aroma of coffee grounds will kill the bacteria which cause the bad smell.
White vinegar:
White vinegar is also very helpful in keeping the shoe odor good. Dilute the vinegar with the equal amount of water and then pour it in the spray bottle. Spray the solution inside and outside of shoes and keep them for some time. Then dry the shoes by wiping with the cloth and wear the shoes.
Some preventive measures
Choose your shoes wisely:
The bad odor of shoes occurs due to the impure stuff of the shoes. So it is highly recommended to choose the best suitable stuff for your shoes. 
Wash your feet everyday:
Washing the feet regularly helps you getting a good feet odor and letting the feet smell nice it also help in keeping the shoe odor good.
Keep the shoes in air for sometime everyday:
If the shoes kept in natural air then this is helpful in removing the bad odor from the shoes and killing the germs. So keep the shoes outside for sometimes as you remove the shoes.
Wear washed socks daily:
The shoes smell bad due to the dirty socks. So wear the washed socks daily for the better smell of shoes. This will help you to get rid of bad shoe odor.
Use perfume for the shoes:
You can use the shoe perfume to get good smelling shoes.

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