How to Get Rid Of Unwanted Frizzy Hair

Tired of combing the frizzy hairs? Frizzy hairs create more problems when you are getting late to party or office or want to have the desired hair style but the frizzy hairs don’t let you do so. To make your frizzy hairs beautiful we have some tips for you to make your curls more beautiful.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Frizzy Hair
How to Get Rid of unwanted Frizy Hairs
Some do’s
Coconut Milk:
To get the shiny, plain hairs all you need is hot coconut milk massage to you hairs. Warm the coconut milk and apply it to hairs and massage them slowly. Cover the head for overnight with towel and then wash in morning. If you will keep on repeating this process once or twice a week then you will get rid of frizzy hairs by using home remedies.
Use moisturizer to hairs
Hair moisturizer does very well with the frizzy hairs use moisturizer or conditioner to your hairs after washing them. This will make your hairs smooth and less frizzy.
Hair oil massage:
You can try out hot oil massage twice a week to your hairs before washing them. This will protect your hairs from getting dry and frizzy.
Egg white:
You can use the white of egg on hair by mixing it with few vinegar and lemon drops. Mix the ingredients well and apply on the hairs. Then wash the hairs after 20 minutes. Egg acts as a good conditioner to the hairs.
Apple cider vinegar:
Pour the apple cider vinegar to hairs after shampoo and keep the hairs for 20 second before wash. The apple cider vinegar will magically help in maintaining the frizzy hairs.
Avocado mask:
Avocado does well to keep the hairs healthy and cut the frizz. Mash the avocado and mix olive oil to it. After shampoo apply this to your hairs and make a mask of it. Keep the hairs as such for 30 minutes and then wash the hairs. You will get the beautiful hairs with reduced frizz.
Some Don’t
Don’t wash hairs on daily bases:
When you wash your hairs daily then you make them more dry and frizzy. You can skip daily hair wash to twice or thrice a week. This will make your hair less frizzy and remove the unwanted frizz.
Don’t comb dry hairs:
Dry hairs are frizzy and rough so don’t comb in that situation. Use conditioner to your hairs before combing or spray the hair spray to your comb first and then comb.
Don’t heat your hairs:
Excessive heating to your hairs and using the hair styling products may damage your hairs and make the hairs rough and dry. So try to use less these hair styling products and keep your hairs naturally 
Don’t use soap to hairs:
Soap has the hard chemicals in them which don’t suits to your skin and scalp. It adds more frizz to your hairs so avoid using the soap to your hairs and switch to some soothing shampoo or conditioner.
Don’t use narrow tooth comb:
If you have the frizzy hairs then you should keep your narrow tooth comb aside and use the wide tooth come. This will reduce the hair fall.
Don’t keep your hairs open:
Always try to keep your hair tie up in a bun. Open hairs become frizzier so open your hairs only occasionally.

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