How to Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor

Vaginal odor gives very discomfort to the ladies.  It occurs due to poor hygiene and bacterial or fungal infection in vagina, poor blood circulation, weak immune system and lack in removal of toxins from the body. The other factors which contribute to the bad vaginal odor are sexually transmitted diseases as well as hormonal changes.

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor Naturally 
The infection may lead to some critical issues such as itching and redness in vagina. To get rid of vaginal odor, there are some home remedies as given below:
How to Get rid of Vaginal odor
Apple cider vinegar:
Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for the vaginal odor which is caused due to bacterial infection or other infections. The apple cider vinegar has the anti fungal properties and it is helpful in maintaining the acidic balance of vagina.
How to use it:
You can have one tea spoon of acid cider vinegar with one glass of water daily. Or you can add one cup of it in one bucket of water. This will helpful in getting rid of bad vaginal odor as well as prevent from infections.
Baking soda:
The vagina odor occurs due to the genital problem in females, such as endometriosis. This occurs due to the imbalance of pH level of body and especially of vagina. Baking soda works very well in maintaining the pH level of body and genital parts.
How to use it:
Mix the half cup of baking soda in one bucket of water or in bath tub. Then soak the lower body i.e. from belly to toe in the water for about 15 minutes. Then dry the body with towel. This remedy will eliminate the vaginal odor.
Tea tree oil:
Tea tree oil contains the natural ingredients which are antifungal and anti bacterial in nature.
How to use it:
Take two drops of tea tree oil and dip them in one mug of water. Gently wash the area with this water having tea tree oil. This will provide the relief from bad vaginal odor.
Indian Gooseberry:
Indian gooseberry is the natural blood purifier as well as to control the infections. It is also used in the medicines for many vaginal disorders. It also helps in preventing the vaginal odor which is caused due to infection or poor blood circulation.
How to use it:
Indian gooseberry or amla can be consumed as raw or in the form of pickles, murraba etc.
Citrus fruits:
Citrus fruits contain the Vitamin C which is very helpful in improving the blood circulation and removal of toxins from the body.
How to use it:
You can take the citrus fruits as fruit chat, or juice of lemon, orange etc. try to have one citrus fruit a day.
Garlic possesses the antifungal properties. Garlic is best in fighting with bad odor which is caused by the fungal infection. If you are highly infected with the bad vaginal odor then you must try this home remedy to get rid of vagina odor.
How to use it:
You can make a fine paste of 3 to 4 garlic and keep it on vagina externally. The garlic will kill the bacteria and will not let it generate again. Wash the area with water after some time.
FenuGreek helps in hormone balance and in maintaining the menstrual cycle properly. Women should take fenugreek even to get rid of vaginal odor.
Soak half teaspoon of Fenu Greek in water for overnight and eat the soaked fenugreek in morning. Do it daily and you will get relief from the vaginal odor.
Some easy remedies:
  • Use undergarments of pure cotton. Keep the hygiene.
  • Wash the intimate area regularly and keep it clean and dry.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Avoid the spicy food.

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