Top 10 Natural Foods That Enhance Your Mood Instantly

Our mind gets tired with a lot of work pressure and low flow of blood to brain. In that case we need the mood enhancer which quickly cheers up the mood. There are 10 natural food listed below to enhance the mood.
Top 10 Natural Foods That Enhance Your Mood Instantly
Top 10 Natural Foods That Enhance Your Mood Instantly
Tea and coffee:
Tea and coffee are the best in mood enhancement. They contain caffeine which instantly give a feel good factor and charge the body to work. Caffeine helps in brain stimulation which gets tired due to excessive work and keeps the brain in order. It helps in curb the laziness and provides an active feel.
Fruit and vegetable juice:
Fruit juice or vegetable juice activates the mood .As it is very light liquid and dissolves in the blood quickly. They provide energy to body instantly and give a feel good factor.
Dark Chocolates:
Chocolates are favorite of everyone. They have a rich taste with a blend of feel good factor. In addition to this chocolate rich in cocoa helps in enhancing the mood as it lowers the blood pressure and improve the flow of blood to the brain which helps in enhancing the mood instantly.
These are the best mood regulator as they are fully packed with the vitamin b12 which is essential for brain health. Farmed mussels are source of selenium and iodine which keep the mood up and energize the body.
Fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acid. All the fishes like tuna, salmon; halibut etc has the properties to deal with depression. Our body must contain omega 3 fatty acid to keep the circulation of blood. Fish and fish oil must be consumed in a week for the good health of the brain.
Nuts and dry fruit:
Nuts and dry fruits are good in mood enhancements. These are packed with the antioxidants which is helpful in preventing from visible signs of ageing. It is a great source of tryptophan which is helpful in reducing in various mental problems stress. Eating walnut regularly makes you cheerful and contented.
Eggs help in dealing with brain problems like insomnia and anxiety. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals as well as tryptophan. Eggs are known beneficial in dealing with depression.
This vegetable is needed to deal with the hangover because it helps in breaking down of alcohol present in the body. It is also a major source of tryptophan which promotes the formation of serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter which promotes the mood and makes you happy instantly.  It is rich in high level of foliage which helps in dealing with depression and keep you away from depression.
Blue potatoes:
Blue potatoes contain antioxidant properties and suppress the inflations that lower the mood. It charges up the mood as well as helps in regulating the thyroid. Yet these are not easily available but they have all the properties to brighten the mood.
Honey helps in removing the free radical from the body and it also lower inflammation which helps in reducing stress and keep the brain active and healthy. it is one of the good mood enhancer as it is easily available as well as more benefits than sugar.

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