How To Get Rid of Acne Fast

The acne on your skin means a lot of worry and sleepless nights. You avoid clicking pictures and even avoiding the social gathering. This all happen because of acne. The acne is the result of unhealthy food, oil or dirt in skin pores, not washing the face regularly.
10 Natural Remedies that helps you How to get Rid of Acne Fast

What are the Causes of Acne:

Rise in androgen levels:

Androgen is a type of hormone that helps to raise androgen levels which enlarged gland to produces more oil.
Greasy cosmetics: several cosmetics are commercially available and some of them may cause acne.
During pregnancy:
Some of the hormone changes during pregnancy may cause acne.
Excessive sebum can break down cellular walls that are present in your pores, and responsible for causing bacteria to grow.
Chocolate and oily food:
As such chocolate and oily food does not responsible for acne but sometime it may active sebaceous glands.

What are the Symptoms of Acne:

These are small black bumps that develop on the surface if your skin. They are easily removed by squeezing.
These are similar like blackheads but yellowish in color. They are not empty even after squeezing.
These are most severe condition that is visible red and swollen bumps filled with pus.
These are large and build beneath the surface of the skin. These are quite painful.

10 Natural Remedies to get Rid of Acne Fast

You can get rid of acne with using the natural remedies as given below.

It comes under the quick tip to get rid of acne. It is easily available at home and it reacts with the acne and makes it shrink and disappear faster.What you have to do:
Take one aspirin tablet and power it. Make the paste of it by mixing it with water. Apply the paste on the acne. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash the face.


Aloevera attack on the acne and defeat it. As the aloe Vera have magical properties of cooling the skin as well as control the inflammation.

What you have to do:
Take the aloe Vera gel and massage it on the acne every day before going to bed. The aloe Vera will start its effect within a week.


 Garlic has the properties to remove the dirt and dust from the face. It also kill the bacteria and viral from the acne.

What you have to do:
Take the garlic and mash it to make a paste and apply it to the acne. Wash the face after 30 minutes. To remove the impurities, you can use the garlic in your diet.

Tea Tree oil:

Tea tree oil has the anti fungal properties. It is the most used natural home remedy for the acne.

What you have to do:
Take the tea tree oil and dilute it with the water. Take the cotton balls and massage with the mixture on the acne. It will help in removing the acne fast.


Cucumber is rich in vitamin and heals from the acne. It also helps in cooling the skin as well as making the face glow.

What you have to do:
Take the cucumber slices and keep it on the face where there is acne. Keep it for the half an hour so that the juice can go deep in the skin pores and kill the causing agent of acne.


For the instant relief you can use the ice. As the acne cause the inflammation and ice helps in cooling the acne.

What you have to do:

Take the ice and wrap it in the cloth and then keep it on the acne for the few minutes so that the acne can be healed fast. It reduces the heat and itching due to the acne.

Banana peel:

Banana peel is one of the best natural remedy to heal the skin from the acne and pimples.

What you have to do:

Take the banana peel and rub it on the acne. This will kill the bacteria and make the skin free from the acne.
It is best cleanser and absorbs excess oil. Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon and honey in cooked oatmeal. Rub this mixture over your skin. Leave it for 30 minutes then wash it off with warm water.
Toothpaste gives significant result to treat acne. This is one of the simplest homemade remedy to treat acne.
How to use: Apply small amount of toothpaste over all your acne before going to bed. Toothpaste will reduce and dry out your acne. Within day or two, you should see amazing result.

Orange peel:

Orange is rich source of vitamin C. you can use both orange and peel but peel is more effective then orange.
How to use:
cut orange peels in small pieces and allow them to dry in sun. After drying grind peel into powder. Add water in it to make a paste. Apply this paste on effective area and allow drying for 10-15 minutes.
Fenugreek has antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use both Fenugreek seeds and leaves.
Direction to use:
Add Fenugreek leaves in water and make a paste. Then apply this paste over your infected area. After 15-16 minutes when you feel its dryness wash it off with warm water. Alternatively you may also soak Fenugreek seeds in water for overnight then grind this mixture to make a paste. Apply on your acne and wash it off.

Alternative treatment:

This comes as creams, gels and lotions. These are basically works by removing dead skin cells. You can apply this topical retinoid on your skin leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it off. Make sure exposure to sunlight and UV.
These are available as a lotion or gel. These antibiotics help to kill the bacteria. Examples: benzoyl peroxide, erythromycin and clindamycin.
Mix Dapsone with topical retinoid gives more effective result reduces redness and dryness.
Light therapy:
This therapy is successful method as it targets the bacteria that cause acne inflammation. But sometime it gives side effects such as redness, sensitivity to sunlight and pain.
Steroid injection:

These are best to treat cyst and Nodular. In this method doctors inject steroid drug directly to infected area. It also has some side effects such as: thinning of the skin, small blood vessels and lighter skin.

Chemical therapy:

In this therapy salicylic acid is used for the treatment of acne. If you are taking retinoid than avoid taking chemical therapy as both them together cause irritation to the skin.

Some precautions:

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Don’t eat junk and oily food.
  • Keep your face clean.
  • Uses face wash to wash the face.
  • Don’t touch the acne with fingers.
  • Don’t be in stress.
  • Don’t see it in mirror again and again.
  • Always wash your pillowcase and face towels as dirty towels and pillowcase responsible for the growth of bacteria.
  • Remove makeup before going to bed.
  • Always use non-oily makeup.
  • Shampoo your hairs at least twice in a week especially when they are oily.
  • After washing your mouth don’t rub your face with towel pat it gently.
  • Cover your face while moving out because sun exposure may also responsible for acne a little.

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