How to Get Rid Of Age Spots At Home

Age spots appear as the black or brown spot on the face or neck. It makes the skin look dull and aged. Ageing is the biological process, but the age spots can be controlled and delayed with using the home remedies. You can use the home remedies given to get rid of age spots naturally.

How to Get Rid Of Age Spots At Home
Lemon juice:
The citric acid in the lemon works magically to light the age spot. The daily use of lemon juice or rose water is very beneficial in the age spots.
How to use it:
You can rub the lemon in the face and around the neck twice a day for about 15 minutes to get a clear skin. 
Aloe vera:
Aloe vera is a skin friendly herb which is very beneficial to make skin flow and remove all the skin related problems such as acne and age spots.
How to use it:
Take the fresh stem of the aloe vera and peel it to get the gel from the stem. Massage your face and neck thoroughly with the aloe vera gel. Keep it for an hour and then wash the soap.
Buttermilk is very essential for making the skin clear and removes the age spots.
How to use it:
Take the buttermilk and massage the face with it. If you have the sensitive skin then you can add the lemon to it. Have a massage with it on the face. You will feel the relief from the age spots.
Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature and is perfect for fighting with the age spots. It has the natural agents which work well to remove the anti-fungal properties.
How to use it:
Take the apple cider vinegar and neutralize it with the water. Then apply it on the face with the help of cotton balls. This remedy will make the skin clear and spot free.
Castor oil:
Castor oil contains the vitamin e and helpful in diminishing the age spots. It makes the skin look younger and glow.
How to use it:
Massage your face daily with the castor oil before going to bed. Wash your face in the morning.
Sandalwood is used in the anti ageing treatment. It reduces the age spot and gives a fair skin.
How to use it:
It can be used as a face pack. Take the sandalwood powder and add rosewater, glycerin and lemon juice to it. Apply it to your face. Wash your face after 30 minutes. Repeat this remedy twice a week.
Turmeric is the easy remedy as it clears the age spots and a good healer to the skin.
How to use it:
Take the two tablespoons of turmeric powder and add milk to it. Apply this paste to your face and let it dry. Once it is dried then washes the face with the water.  Repeat this remedy twice a week.
It is the super food which is very good for the skin care externally as well. It makes the skin smooth and spot free. It is recommended to get rid of age spots.
How to use it:
Wash your face and dry it using the towel. Then apply the yogurt paste to it and keep it for 30 minutes. Then wash the face. Yogurt will remove the age spots and make the skin clear.

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