How to Get Rid Of Dry Hair Naturally

Lack of moisture in the hairs makes the hairs look dull and dry. it get very difficult to even comb the dry hairs as the dry hairs leads to the hair fall. The only solution to get rid of dry hairs is moisturizing them and makes them nourished by using the easy home remedies as given below.:

How To Get Rid of Dry Hair Naturally
Aloe vera:
Aloe vera is the magical herb for the skin and scalp care. It helps in get rid from the dry hair. It helps in conditioning the hairs and makes them shiny.
What you need:
Aloe vera, olive oil and hibiscus.
How to use it:
Take the aloe vera pulp and take the gel out of it. Mix the gel with the hibiscus paste and mix two table spoons of olive oil to it. Make it thick as gel. Wash your hairs with shampoo and then apply the aloe vera mixture to the hairs. Massage the hairs and then wash them with water after few minutes.
Lavender oil:
This is the essential which help the hairs in making them shine and also make them long and strong.
What you need:
Lavender oil, olive oil
How to apply it:
Your dry hairs need a hot oil massage. Take the olive oil and warm it. Then add few drops of lavender oil to it. Now massage thoroughly with the oil and keep this for overnight. Wash the hairs next morning.
It is essential home remedy for the long hairs. It helps in treating the hairs from the dandruff. Dandruff makes the hairs rough and dry and fenugreek seed is essential in getting rid of dry hairs as well as dandruff.
What you need:
Fenugreek, yogurt.
How to apply it:
Soak the fenugreek seed in water for overnight. In morning grind the seeds and make the paste of it. Add yogurt to the paste and apply it to your hairs. Leave it for the 30 minutes and then wash the hairs with shampoo. Repeat this remedy twice a week.
It is used from the long time as the natural remedy to get rid of dry hairs. It helps in balancing the pH of the hairs and make hair smooth and shiny.
What you need:
Water and vinegar
What to do:
Shampoo your hairs and then use the diluted solution of vinegar to massage your hairs from roots to tips. Keep it for 10 minutes and again wash the hairs with water. Use this remedy once in fifteen days.
Avocado gives the relief from the dried hairs and makes them smooth and silky.
What you need:
Avocado, egg white, oil and yogurt
How to use it:
Take the ripe avocado and make the paste of it. Make the fine paste using the egg white, hair oil and yogurt. Apply this paste as the hair mask and keep it for the 30 minutes. Wash the hairs with shampoo.
Milk is known as the best hair serum and helps in repairing the damaged hairs and smoothen them.
What you need:
Pure boiled milk
What to do
Massage your hair gently with the unboiled milk gently and then wash the hairs after keeping for the 30 minutes.

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