How to Get Rid Of Greasy Hairs Naturally

To pick any style for hairs you need silky soft hairs. But the oily and greasy hairs don’t let this happen. The hairs become greasy because the scalp secretes more oil than needed. Daily shampoo to get rid of greasy hairs is not always possible. In such situations you need to try the wonder of home remedies to curb the problem of greasy oil.

Ways to Get Rid Of Greasy Hairs Naturally
How to Get Rid Of Greasy Hairs
Use the shampoo for the oily hairs:
For the oily hairs you should use the shampoo designed to control the oil in the hairs. The shampoo balances the skin oil and makes the hairs less greasy.
Wash your hairs regularly:
To make your hairs look silky and soft you should use the shampoo while washing the hairs. it will help in making the hairs free from the excessive oil.
Use alternative shampoo:
If one shampoo is not working well then try out the alternative shampoo. The change in shampoo will surely work in making the hairs shiny and beautiful.
Baby powder:
Baby power is the quick remedy for the greasy hairs. When you are in a hurry and don’t have the time for washing the hairs then use the baby powder. Just sprinkle some baby powder on the hairs and keep it for 5 minutes. Then comb your hairs so that the powder is removed with excessive oil in the hairs.
Some home remedies:
Beer has the alcohol which helps in making the hairs shiny ad removing the excessive oil or grease from it. It also nourishes the hairs.
How to use:
Wash your hair with shampoo and after it add a half cup of beer in four cups of water. Use this water to rinse the hairs. This will condition your hairs.
The tannic acid in the tea helps in making hair grease free and shiny.
How to use:
Take on spoon of tea and boil it in two cups of water. Filter the boiled water and add it to the half bucket of water. After shampoo your hairs use this water as conditioner and rinse your hairs with it. It will remove the excessive oil from the hairs.
Baking soda:
It helps in providing the silky, grease free hairs. it also provides the nourishment to the hairs. But it can’t be used directly to the hairs. it needs to be diluted with water.
How to use:
Take the two table spoons of baking soda and add them in half bucket of water. Then rinse your hairs with this water. After 30 minutes shampoo your hairs and wash them. You need to repeat this remedy twice a week to have grease free hairs.
The citric nature of lemon is known to remove the oil from the hairs and making the hairs shiny and dry.
How to use:
Take the lemon drops and mix it in water. After shampoo massage your scalp with the diluted lemon water. Keep it for 10 minutes and again rinse your hairs with water.
Heena is perfect for the greasy hairs as its ingredients make the hairs greasy hairs smooth silky and shiny.
How to use:
Take the heena powder and mix it in the water. Mix two tablespoons of yogurt to it. Now apply this pack to your hairs and let it dry for half an hour. Wash your hairs then. Repeat this remedy once in a month.

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