How to Get Rid Of Pet Odor from The Rugs

To keep a pet at home gives you a very lively and adoring feeling. Because the pets love is selfless and forever. It is very nice to have a pet at home. But beside it you need to be very careful about the pet and it needs a lot of care and patience to tolerate a pet. You need to care the pet as they stink very badly and the odor affects the home especially the rugs. 

Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odor From the Rugs
How to Get Rid Of Pet Odor from The Rugs
To get rid of the pet odor from the rugs there are some home remedies given below.
Baking soda:
Baking soda is the best natural bad odor remover and helps in removing the bad stink of almost everything. So you can use the baking soda in removing the bad sting from the rugs. 
How to use it:
Take the baking soda and mix the vinegar in the bottle and then make it liquid by adding some water in it. Mix it well and then spray it on the rugs. It will help in neutralizing the bad stink of the rugs.
Keep the rugs in the sun:
The other best way to keep away the smell of pet from the rugs is to keep the rugs out in the sun. The sun bath to the rugs will help in keeping the odor away.
Wash the rugs regularly:
In order to keep you safe from the hairs of pets and other germs, keep the rugs clean and wash them regularly. 
Fabric freshener:
To keep your rugs feel fresh and good keep a fabric freshener and spray it on the rugs and fabric on which your pet used to rest and sleep.
Get Rid Of Pet Odor from The Rugs
Vinegar :
Vinegar is the best for the removal of the bad stink of pet. Take the vinegar and add water to it. Shake it well and then spray it on the rugs. This will help in removing the bad stink of the rugs.
Coffee beans: 
Coffee beans have a very good aroma and helps in giving a nice aroma to the room and remove the bad odor of pets from the rugs also. Crush the coffee beans and place them in the plate for the few times in the room. The coffee beans will provide the good aroma to the room.

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