How to Rid Of Bad Refrigerator Odor

Refrigerator is meant to keep the stuff cool and fresh. But sometimes the refrigerator stinks very badly due to some reasons like not proper cleaning or power off. If your refrigerator stink bad and you are not in the mood of buying the new refrigerator then try out the given home remedies to get rid of bad refrigerator odor.

Why your refrigerator smell bad:
How to Rid Of Bad Refrigerator Odor
Due to power failure:
If the power get fail or you go to the tour and keep the refrigerator off then the refrigerator stink very badly.
Leakage or splitting of food items in it:
When you put the food items or liquids in the refrigerator without the lid then it automatically stinks bad.
Not cleaning the refrigerator on the regular interval of times.
If you want to get rid of bad stink from the refrigerator then keep your refrigerator clean and tidy. 
What to do in order to get rid of bad smell of refrigerator:
Baking soda:
Baking soda is a good absorber of any foul smell. So, to get rid of bad odor of refrigerator put the baking soda in the bowl and let it remain open so that it can easily absorb the smell from the refrigerator.
Coffee has a very pleasing aroma which everyone loves. It has other feature that it removes the smell from the refrigerator. Grind some coffee ground and spread the power in the plate. Let the powder be there in the refrigerator.
Vinegar is very helpful in removing the bad smell of the refrigerator. Take some amount of vinegar and dilute it with water. Take the sponge and wash the refrigerator with the diluted vinegar. It will help in irradiating the bad smell of refrigerator. 
Orange is citric in nature and it helps in giving a fruity fragrance to the refrigerator and eliminating all the bad smell from the refrigerator.
Oats are very powerful in sucking the smell of the refrigerator. Take some oats in the bowl and keep the oats in refrigerator for at least 24 hours. The oats will soak the foul smell of the refrigerator.
Clean the refrigerator with salt:
Take a bowl of water and add one tablespoon of salt in it. Wash the refrigerator and clean it.

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