How to Get Rid Of Sun Tan at Home

Summer gives you the chance to go stylish in hot pants and roam around the city or beaches with the cool attire. But it also makes your glowing skin dull and tanned. The sun rays are not so skin friendly and damage the exposed part of the skin in several ways. Sun tan not only makes the skin dark but also it arise many skin problems. 

Ways to Get Rid of Sun Tan at Home
How To Get Rid of Sun Tan at Home
To keep you protected from the effects of suntan. Here are some easy home remedies to get rid of suntan.
Aloe vera:
Take the aloe vera gel and massage your body everyday two times. This will make the skin cooler and helps in reducing the effects of suntan.
Cucumber juice:
It has the great effect on giving the relief from the sunburn and skin tan. Apply the juice of cucumber to your skin to make the skin clear and glowing.
Almonds are very good in keeping the skin soft and remove the sun tan from the skin. Make the paste of almonds and then apply it on your face. Let it dry and wash the face.    
Lemon also helps in lightening the skin and makes it suntan free and glowing. Take the lemon and rub it on the face and the body. Then have a bath after it.
Potatoes are really helpful in reducing the effects of sunburn or skin tan. Peel the potato and make the paste of the potato. Have the paste on your body and keep it and wash it after some time. 
Milk is the good moisturizer and it helps in nourish the skin and protect from the harmful effects of sun rays. You can directly apply the milk or milk cream to your body and wash it after 15 minutes.
Some face pack:
Cucumber, rose water and lemon pack:
Lemon cause irritation to the sensitive skin so in case of suntan you can mix the cucumber rose water and lemon in the equal proportions. Make the paste of it and apply it on your face. Wash the face after some time. 
Papaya and honey:
To get the fast results with the easy home remedies then papaya and honey are the best to use. Take the papaya pulp and mix it well with the honey. Apply this paste to the face and then wash the face with water. Repeat this remedy daily for the better results.
Milk and strawberries:
Milk and strawberries are the best combination to make the skin tan free and smoother. Take the strawberries and make the paste of them with the milk. Apply it on the skin and then wash it after half an hour. Repeat this remedy daily for the better results.
Milk and turmeric:
Turmeric is very beneficial for the skin and it is used in many skin care products. To make your skin free from the suntan you can make the face pack by adding the turmeric powder to the milk. Apply it on your face and then wash the face after 15 minutes. Regular use of this remedy will help in removing the suntan.
Some precautions:
  • Don’t be under the sun for the long duration’s.
  • Keep yourself covered when you have to go under the sun.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.

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