Health Benefits of Mangoes

This summer sun is increasing the hotness quotient of earth. The only chilling factor is it brings the season of mangoes. Everyone likes to have the slices of fruity and juicy mangoes. Mango has several health and skin benefits. Some of them have been listed below.

Skin benefits of mangoes:
For glowing skin:
Mangoes are great for the skin. They make the skin healthy and glowing. Mangoes contain vitamin B and beta-carotene, which makes skin soft and shinning. You can rub its pulp to the face for making face beautiful.
For treating the blackheads:
Face with blackheads looks very dull and disappointing. These black heads can treat by making a mango scrub. Take the mango pulp and mix it with milk powder and honey. Apply the mixture to face and leave it minutes. Wash the face and feel the difference.
Anti ageing:
Mangoes contain a pack of anti oxidants. Vitamin C, present in mango reduces the ageing effects on skin such as pimples and acne. It makes the skin clear and beautiful.
For treating sensitive skin:
Many people have to suffer with the sensitive skin and mango is helpful in healing the sensitive skin. Make a pack of oatmeal, honey, and milk and mango pulp. Mix it well and then apply it to your face. Keep it for some time and then wash the face with water.
Skin cleaner:
Mango is also a cleanser and helps in getting the clear skin. To make the cleanser you have to mix wheat flour with mango pulp. Make the pack and apply it to your face. Leave it for some time and then wash the face.
Treats dark spots:
The mango peel is a great antidote to dark spots. It heels the dark spots and makes the skin clear and shinning. A mango face wash or scrub will help you greatly in reducing the dark spots.
Makes you fairer:
It is the good news for the people with dark complexion. They can make them self fairer with applying the mango on the face and skin. It lighten the skin tone and its pigmentation. 
These were some of the skin benefits of mangoes, which you may get applying it.
Hair benefits of mangoes:
Conditioning the hairs:
Mangoes can use for making the hairs smooth and silky. Take the mango pulp and mix it well with yogurt and egg yellow. Apply it for half an hour and then wash the hairs. This will make the hairs smooth and soft.
Dandruff treatment:
Mangoes are helpful in the dandruff treatment, moisturize the hairs and make them silky and strong.  Dandruff occurs due to the lack of moisturizer in hairs. You can use mango as the nourishing serum to fight with dandruff. Mango pulp is also used in many shampoos to fight with hair problems. 
Prevent hair lose:
You can prevent from hair loose by removing outer coat of mango seed and mix it with mustard oil. Keep it at sunlight for some days and then use the oil for head and scalp. This oil will nourish your scalp and strengthen the roots of hairs so that it will reduce the hair fall.
Its health benefits:
Mangoes have the several health benefits. It helps in curing some of vital diseases.
It prevents cancer:
Mango is the packed fruit with anti oxidants. They are helpful in preventing you from some of the vital diseases such as breast cancer and colon cancer. 
Improves the eyesight:
Mangoes have vitamin A and it helps in proving you the good vision. For the correction in vision and reducing the eye diseases and eye, related problems all you need is have the mango regularly. Children who eat mango regularly suffer less from the eye related diseases than the adults do.
It increases the immunity:
Mangoes are rich in vitamin C content and it helps in boosting the immunity. The healthy immune system let you have the disease resistance body and good mental strength. The fiber present in mango is also good to boost the immune system.
Sexual benefits:
Mango has vitamin C that helps you in fighting with the sexual problem and enhances the sexual desires in you.
Prevent from the heart stroke:
The homocystien level must control for preventing from the stroke. Eating mango regulates the level of homocystien and prevents you from the heart stroke.
Increase the fertility:
The folic acid helps in keeping the good fertility rate. According to studies mango also reduces the miscarriage among the women. Mangoes help in conceiving the healthy baby.
Mango is the fruit rich with minerals like potassium, calcium and zinc. These minerals are very essential for proper functioning of body.
It maintains blood pressure:
The higher or lower rate of blood pressure may lead you to some major heart diseases. You need to eat healthy for having a happy heart and maintain the blood pressure. Those who eat mango have a balanced blood pressure. 
Weight loose:
It contains very less amount of fats and its fibber helps in keep your appetite in control. This is the main reason of weight loose. If you suffer with the heavy weight then control your weight with eating the mangoes.
Diabetic antidote:
It also behaves as an antidote to diabetes.  The mango may be a factor of increasing the sugar level in body but its leaves regulate the insulin. Take few mango leaves and boil them. Keep them in water for overnight and then drink the water next morning. The minerals present in this water helpful in providing the insulin balance to body.
Improve the digestion:
It helps in making your digestion system healthy and strong. Mango has the enzymes, which helps in breaking down the minerals and nutrients to the smaller portions and make it a healthy food for the stomach balance.
Cure anaemia:
If a person is anaemic then mango can be helpful in treating it. A moderate level of intake of mango will help you in fighting with the casuals of anaemia and getting a good health.
Here were given the benefits of mango. It is really a wonderful fruit to eat and enjoy the summer with great health benefits. One can enjoy this delicious summer fruit in any probable way. Mango is the fruit that can eat with a number of ways. You can either eat the ripe mango as slices, raw mango, mango shake or the vegetable of mango. Mango will always give you the health benefits. So let the mango love growing and eat as much mangoes as you can. 

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