Health Benefits of Henna

Girls’ wish list is incomplete without the desire of having the long and silky hairs. They want the hairs which everyone appreciates and event they feel beautiful with their hairs. When it is about getting the hairs of own choice, no girl hesitate to spend big amount of money on hair products or parlors. Instead of it, here are some home remedies which will give you beautiful hairs without the side effects of using chemicals to hairs. Henna or mehandi is a wonderful natural treatment for hairs and scalp related problems. 

Here are some of health benefits of using henna to hairs given below.

Health Benefits of Henna Powder

Henna for hair growth:
From the ancient times henna is usually used for the growth of hairs and makes the hairs long and shiny. Henna has the special ingredients which enhance the growth of hairs and make the hairs long.
What to do:
Take henna powder according to length of the hairs. Then add some cold water to it and mix it well to form a paste. Add few drops of lemons to it. Yogurt is a good moisturizer and when added to henna it gives more shine to hairs. You can add few more drops of lavender oil or ginger for a good fragrance of hairs.  Mix all the ingredients as paste well and then apply to the hairs with the help of brush. Leave it for five hours and then wash the hairs with shampoo.
Hair color with henna:
Hair coloring is in style. Many girls like to style their hairs with coloring. Sometimes the hair coloring products does not suit to your scalp and you end with some hair products. Using henna for coloring the hairs is much safer way. Henna adds the natural color to your hairs and it comes with no side effects. It makes the hairs shiny and silky.
What to do:
When it is about coloring the hairs, you need to make pack of henna with other ingredients which makes the color more glossy and permanent. Mix half cup of henna and amla powder then add few drops of lemon and one white egg to it. You can add one spoon of tulsi powder and bring raj to it. Mix all the ingredients with adding some water to it. Use this mixture to hairs with the help of hair brush. Keep it overnight and then shampoo the hairs. When the hairs are dry you will feel the difference.
Hair conditioning:
Henna is also used as a good conditioner to hairs. It is widely used in shampoo or hair products to make the hairs silky and soft.
What to do:
To use henna as a conditioner you need to make henna as a pack for hairs with mixing it with other ingredients.  Take one cup of good quality of henna powder and mix it with equal amount of amla powder. Add one table spoon of orange peel, methi powder and hibiscus flower powder. Make the paste of it by adding water or curd. Apply the paste to hairs and wash the hairs after 3- 4 hours. You can repeat this process after 15-20 minutes for the better results.
Anti dandruff pack:
Henna is also is used for curing the dandruff from the scalp. It makes the scalp clear and dandruff free.
What to do:
Soak the fenugreek seeds in water for overnight. Make the paste of seeds and add henna powder to it. Mix the ingredients well and apply this paste to scalp. Keep it for at least one hour and then wash the hairs. Repeat the process after fifteen days to get the shiny and dandruff free scalp.
Henna is used widely for maintaining the health of hairs as well as it has many health benefits. Use the henna for the healthy hairs.

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