Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement

A perfect figure is desire of every woman. This is not up to actresses and models but every girl remain conscious about the size of her breast. This is more related to womanhood and charming personality of women. With puberty and hormonal secretion woman get the proper shape and size of breast naturally. Some women feel depressing with the small size of their breast. To get the proper shape they even think about breast enhancement operations. Instead of medication and operation there is an effective cum easy way-out for breast enhancement which is home remedies. With the use of certain herbs a woman can get the firm and improved size for their breast.

Causes of smaller breast size:
Women body is said to be delicate as it goes through several changes throughout the life. When the girl starts becoming mature she feels the changes in her body. Her breast starts developing and with the age of 20 yearsit becomes fully developed and acquires a proper shape. But some girls face problems with small size of breast. Here are some factors which may cause improper natural size of breast such as:
Poor diet:
Hormonal imbalance:
  • Less fat content
  • Depression
  • Drug intake
  • Wearing wrong bra
  • Natural herbs for breast enlargement
Red lentils:
This pulse is very effective in case of breast enhancements and used as common home remedy for the breast enhancement and giving the proper shape to breast.
 How to use it:
Take one cup of red lentils and soak it in water for overnight.  Grind the soaked pulse and make the paste of it. Keep the paste on the breast for half an hour and let it dry. Don’t massage with it. Repeat this process twice a week and you will find the improvement in the size of your breast.
Fenugreek is the herb which serves you with the better size of breast and also increases milk production in women. The new mothers must try this remedy if they find problem with low production of milk.
How to use it:
Make a fine powder of fenugreek seeds. Mix two spoons of powder with water and make a thick paste of it. Apply this paste on breast and massage for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this remedy daily until you get the proper size of breast. You can massage with fenugreek oil which is available in market.
Red clover:
This herb used for breast enhancement since ancient times. This makes the breast firm and make woman look perfect.
How to use it:
Take the dried red clover flower and boil it in water. Keep it for 10 minutes and then filter the water and drink it. Repeat this remedy for one month for the better results.
If you are thin and find problem with the low size of your breast then eating banana can help in fat deposition in body and making body improved in size. Many girls confess that eating banana helped them to have enlarged breast size.
Wheat germ oil:
It contains vitamin E which is essential nutrient to keep the breast in shape and firm. Massaging the breast with wheat germ oil increases the blood flow to breast large its size. Take few drops of wheat germ oil on your palms and massage the breast in circular motion daily.
Dandelion root tea:
This medicated herb has superb effect on breast enhancement. One can drink the dandelion root tea to have the perfect shape of breast.
Give priority to radish in your diet. It increases the blood flow and enhances the growth of breast. This has effective and safer results rather than any medicine for breast enhancement.
Proper diet:
 Poor diet is one of the factor which results in small size of breast. Keep your diet proper and include the fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Have the vitamin rich diet. Avoid the fast food. When you take proper diet then you will get the natural shape of your breast without doing any special efforts for breast enlargement.
Exercising is also one of the ways for enlarging the breast and gives it a proper shape and makes it firm. There are many exercises which are meant for breast enhancement. You can try out exercising for this purpose. Some of those exercises are clockwise and anti clockwise movement of arm, pushups etc.

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