Side effects of Masturbation

When it is about the discussion of sex related topics then many people shut their mouth or spread the rumors.  Masturbation is such topic on which teenagers and adults have queries and seek for the proper answers about it. Many people think that it has negative side effects and it cause hair loose and weakness. Let’s break the ice over masturbation and upgrade your knowledge about it.

Side effects of Masturbation
What is masturbation?
 Masturbation is the process of stimulating the body by touching own sex organs. This is done for getting the sexual pleasure and is a common practice among men and women. To masturbate one use its figure to touch the sensitive parts of sexual organs such as rubbing the penis or touching the vagina with fingers to arose sex like feeling. Yes, women do masturbation. This is another way to know about your sexual organ, their stimulation and get the feeling of sex. Yet, there are many myths which are associated with masturbation.
What is the need of doing masturbation?
The question arises that is it necessary to do and why people do it. Many people believe that it is good to overcome the sexual need of body. Those who are without sexual partner or live far from their spouse usually do it to satisfy the urge of having sex. People choose it as the alternative of sex as it is safer and neglect the risk of getting pregnant. Women don’t get pregnant from doing masturbation. It is said to be safer as one don’t get the sexually transmitted diseases from doing masturbation.
Side effects of Masturbation
Everyone does masturbation:
This is not a compulsion to do the masturbation. It depends on you to do it for yourself satisfaction or not. Many people do it to satisfy their urge of doing it while there are number of people who don’t do masturbation and even never tried it. It is not a big deal to do masturbation but many people hide it and don’t like to discuss it openly.
Age limit for masturbation:
There is no age limit for it. Studies say that the infants start doing masturbation earlier as curiosity to know about their body parts and then it becomes the habits. On an average a person start doing masturbation in teenage and keep doing it till the old age. The people of older age also masturbate. As doing it for longer period times becomes a habit and continue till the older ages.
Overall masturbation is not taboo and it must be discussed to know the facts and clarify about it. There are many myths which are related to masturbation such as:
Common myths about masturbation:
During masturbation men looses their sperms and excessive loose of sperms makes men impotent.
Girls don’t do masturbation.
Masturbation causes the hair loose or growth of hairs in unwanted area of body.
It causes acne or skin problem.
Truths about masturbation:
The truth is masturbation affect you positively as well as negatively. We can’t say it totally wrong as act or a good act to health.
Advantage of masturbation:
Masturbation reduces tension and it satisfies the urge of doing sex.
It helps in getting sexual feeling without doing sex.
One can enjoy sex feel without the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.
Disadvantages of masturbation:
Doing masturbation daily or on regularly may reduce the sperm count in men. Yet it is not proved and many people don’t believe it. It is a myth that it makes men impotent and leads to nil sperm count.
Masturbation may cause infection in sexual organs of girls.
Men who do masturbation roughly causes weakens the penis. It may cause problems during sex.
Some women report that masturbation makes them infertile.

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