Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

 ‘Chia’ means ‘strength’. Chia seeds are synonym of proving strength and energy to body. Despite of its smaller size, these seeds bring the good-health to you and all kind of nutrients to food. Incredible benefits of chia seeds have increased its popularity among folks and that’s why also called as super-food.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

What are chia seeds?

There is great buzz about chia seeds in nutrition market. So it’s time to be little curious and gather some information about the chia seeds.

Chia seeds come from the family of mint, and enrich in essential proteins, calcium, fats and other nutrients. Used externally (moisturizer, scrub) or in various edible food items, makes it a must item in your kitchen.

The nutrient composition of chia seeds:

When we chant about nutrient enrichment of chia seeds, our curious readers always ask questions about kinds and quantity of nutrients in chia seeds. So, the smaller size of chia seeds hold large number of nutrients, yet, you will always wonder how come these chia seeds hold all nutrients in so small size.

For every 28 grams of chia seeds, it has:

  • Calcium: 18% of RDA
  • Protein: 4 grams
  • Fiber: 11 grams
  • Fat: 9 grams
  • Magnesium: 30% of RDA

Note: RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowances.

And the list goes on with good amount of other nutrients such as zinc, VitaminB2 and Vitamin B3 etc.

Black or white chia seeds.. A matter of confusion:

Well, after knowing the nutrient composition and health benefits, many smart buyers rush to super market to grab all the chia seeds and put them as superiority at kitchen pantry. You know what they return with… a mere confusion of color difference between black and white chia seeds. Dear readers, clear your mind with color difference, both the seed color contains same nutrients, so pick any color or both (may be Mother Nature loved the black white combination for chia seeds). Go for any, as they can primarily use as pouring some different color to your dish or garnish it in colorful way. Note it down white or black garnishing can look amazing on your dish (after all, dressing brings life to ordinary looking dish).

Now, come to its benefits:

Power pack of energy:

What makes chia seeds so different is its energy giving potential to body. The enrichment of proteins, fats, calcium and fibers are enough to meet the daily nutrient requirement of body. A full fledge diet of chia seeds in morning is enough to keep your hunger at its verge.

Calcium for healthy bones and chia seeds for calcium:

Healthy bones are not only athlete’s thing.. Everyone needs to strengthen the bones. Drinking milk all the times …(may be, milk is not your cup of tea )…..aww.. Break the monotony and bring chia seeds in your diet chart to have calcium for stronger bones. Studies say, little amount of chia seeds cover approx 18% calcium requirement of body. Sounds like a good news to mothers who ever seen running with glass of milk behind their kids.

Small seeds: storehouse of antioxidants:

No wonders… its antioxidant property put chia seeds out of the box. Antioxidants are highly associated with anti ageing, conquest diseases and boost immunity (antioxidants surmount the growth of free radicals which kill cells). That’s why demand for antioxidant for is at top. Easily available in super market, chia seeds packed with really good amount of antioxidants.

Chia seeds: food to eat, moisturizer to skin:

Well, if something can heal you from inside-out then they are chia seeds. They behave as a good-natural-moisturizer for dry skin and applied in paste form. Many body lotions available in market contain chia seeds. If you deal with skin redness and inflammation then magic of chia seeds will definitely work for you. So, if you are fading up with fake adornments of beauty creams then natural and original chia seeds will bring the glow in skin with no-side-effect. The loads amount of omega-3- fatty acid helpful in maintain soft skin and rejuvenate it.

Lose Weight (a dream), possible with chia seeds:

Directly chia seeds may not cut the fats of your belly or buts, but indirectly they can. Chia seeds have fibers, which take time to absorb and also keep a pause to appetite. You don’t feel hungry, means you will not eat buns of burger and slices of pizza, which will defiantly help in separating some pound of weight from you. Hurry up and grab the chia seeds from nearest store. Remember, surmount the urge of eating is hard, but not feeling hungry is easy with chia seeds.

Versatile in intake:

Hardly any food gives you so much choice in intake option as well as that much of advantages over health. From topping to baking, from seasoning to recipe chia seeds offer you bucketful list of ways to eat it. For all the cooks or cooking aspirants there, chia seeds give the wonderful opportunity to be experimented in number of ways. Its mild taste, black or white color can suit to any type of recipe or food item.

Pocket-friendly snacks:

If you are the person who keeps his mouth busy with munching one or other thing then chia seeds are the snacks for you. Keep your pockets full with chia seeds and they will not disappoint you with nonstop munching anytime-anywhere. Smaller size of seeds is helpful for keeping them in pocket, bag or small boxes.

Controls your diabetes:

Many studies have shown that chia seeds are rich in fiber which keeps the blood sugar level at balance. So, it’s good news for diabetic patients and those who are prone to diabetes. This can be a good food plus precaution for other people who are more prone to getting diabetes because of their sugar eating habits or heredity.

Proteins for vegans:

There remains a hitch hack for protein in vegetarians. So, calm down as chia seeds offer a fair amount of proteins. One can grab the daily protein diet from it by including it in breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Good for heart:

Every emotion has a special place at our heart. How can we forget about well being of heart, and not even chia seeds. The regular intake of chia seeds has shown that they raised the good cholesterol leveland thus bring the health to heart. It also results in maintaining the blood pressure.

Ways to eat chia seeds:

  • When it comes to consume the chia seeds, options are many. There is abundance of recipes which offer delicious taste of chia seeds with the health benefits. Read out the recipes and note them down and find out how chia-seeds-turned-luscious:
  • Well, from seasoning to making deserts, chia seeds are here to help you with tongue licking taste.
  • The black color seeds, smaller in size can be eaten raw, as nuts or cooked (depends on your choice.)
  • For vegan, they provide wonderful taste as well as replace the place and taste of eggs but staying vegetarian. Rinse chia seeds in water with 1:3 and keep it for some time. The mixture will be turned into gel which is suitable for baking, then.
  • Chia seeds are famous topping for yogurt and smoothies. You can also try them out as tasty-toppings.
  • If you are bored with butter-and-cheese-bread-spread, then chia can be yummy and different spreading for your bread with some good-change-in-taste.
  • For those, who remain in quest for “new snacks”, chia seeds can stuff the mouth with flavor.

Health risk with chia seeds:

Yet, chia seeds are considered safe to eat. In fact, there are very rare chances of having health troubles. The common health risk related with chia seeds is that they form thick layer at esophagus and it becomes difficult to swallow them (but, chances of such risk is very rare).

Some facts about chia seeds:

  1. The word Chia is derived from Mayan language which means strength. (Probably, these seeds named as seeds).
  2. Chia plant is the member of mint family naming scientifically as Salvia columbariae.
  3. The leaves of chia seeds repel insect and virus attack to it.
  4. Earlier, chia seeds were used to feed animals. But soon its benefits realized by humans and it became super food to humans.
  5. These seeds are considered as food-for-athletes-and-warriors. These are so energetic that one can survive for 24 hours on chia seeds.
  6. In earlier times, chia seeds had played the role of currency even. (Quite strange…)
  7. Mexico is not only famous for world’s largest pyramid but also known for chia seeds, which are found and cultivated in Mexico.

Earlier this lush green plant may soothe your eyes to make it ornamental. But, after reading this article your mind must be changed to more sophisticated and you want to just-eat-it-for-the-sake-of-good-health kind. Through this article we tried to assemble all the information about this amazing plant: fodder turned food i.e. chia seeds. Hope so, you liked the article and it will help you to get a good health.

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