Health Benefits of Cow Milk

Milk is the source of calcium. The cow milk is very precious for human and it is taken as various forms by making numerous dairy products. Since early ages the cow milk is used by the people for drinking and making the dairy products. The health benefits of cow milk are in abundance. Some of them are given below:

A rich source of calcium:
When we talk about calcium a glass of milk is pictured in our mind. That’s the magic of cow milk. It is highly enriched in the calcium, phosphorous and potassium etc. Calcium is much needed for strengthen the bones and muscle build up. Women and children should drink one glass of cow milk daily
Health Benefits of Cow milk
No more headache and migraine:
It is noted that people who drink the cow milk regularly don’t suffer with the headache and migraine pain. This milk contains the essential nutrients with keep the nervous functioning proper and gives a pause to headache.
Calcium to overcome obesity:
Children with obesity and over weight are becoming so common. But drinking cow milk provides the maximum amount of calcium to body and it helps in maintaining the weight of children as well as adults.
An antidote for arthritis:
Well, arthritis is very common in people with older ages. But those who drink one glass of milk daily don’t suffer with arthritis. 
Power of antioxidants:
You might have heard that cow milk keeps you young and stronger. Antioxidants are the reason for it. Vitamin A, E and other minerals makes the cow milk a greater source of antioxidants which fights with the ageing and other health problems.
benefits of cow milk. is milk is good for health
Get that glowing skin:
Few days earlier I noticed that my skin was going dull day by day. May be because of less care or environmental factors. Then I started taking the milk bath. Within few days I saw tremendous changes in skin and it seemed lighter in tone than earlier. The enzymes in milk acts as the ex foliate to skin which removes the dead skin cells. It also acts as a good natural moisturizer. A milk bath is enough to provide the moisture to skin that the moisturizers fail to do.  You can use milk to your face or other parts of body with other natural products such as turmeric, rose water or honey to add more glows to the skin. There are a number of facial creams and scrubs which use the milk as a source for skin and face glow.
Reduction in daily stress: 
No doubts the daily routine of hectic life brings a lot of stress and tension at the end of day. What you do to deal with it? For that a glass of milk is enough. Milk has antioxidants which can fight with stress and calm your mind.
Healthy teeth and gums:
Healthy teeth and gums are very essential for children and gums. Calcium is very essential for making the teeth healthy and stronger. So, drink the cow milk for having getting the proper amount of Vitamin D
The healthy body:
Milk is very beneficial for eye sight, skin and teeth. It has calcium which is essential for health of brain and bones. It also protect you from the heart attack and risk of high and low blood pressures. So, for the complete care of body milk is very necessary.
How to take it:
The cow milk is not only taken as one glass of it with adding sugar. There are other ways also which makes the cow milk tasty to drink and get all the health benefits also.
Delicious milk shake:
When you are not in the mood for drinking the milk as it is then it’s the time to put some deliciousness in it.  Milkshakes are very common and favorite among the children. You can make a fantastic milk shake by blending the fruit with milk. For topping you can add some cherry or other ingredients. Take your favorite fruit such as papaya, mango or banana and just turn it into milk shake. This will give you flavor of fruit and goodness of milk as well as nutrients of milk.
With cornflakes or oats: 
Those who don’t like to have milk can make it healthier with cornflakes and oats. Taking milk and cornflakes as your morning breakfast provide you the strength and energy for whole day as well as it also keeps you in good shape. 
Yummy hot chocolate:
Oh! So chocolate is your favorite? Add flavor of milk to it and make it tongue licking tasty. Take few pieces of dark chocolate and add milk to it. Shake it well, add honey for more sweetness. Mix everything well and then heat the ingredients for some time. Your hot milk chocolate is ready to eat.
The cow milk is very beneficial for the health of brain and body. So, you must have one glass of milk daily. 
A note for children: 
When next time your mother is running behind you with a glass of milk then don’t avoid drinking it. Sip all the milk and enjoy its benefits to make you stronger and wiser. 

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