Health Benefits of Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy)

Tinospora cordifolia called Giloy has numerous health benefits and possess the medicinal properties. This plant is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory in nature. Because of its medicinal value it is especially included in every household kitchen garden. Some of the health benefits of this plant is given below:

Conquer your skin diseases with this plant:
Well, if you are regular sufferer of skin diseases such as rashes, sun burn or skin redness then this plant is very helpful in blood purification and healing the body from skin problem.
Health Benefits of Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy)
What you need:
For the better benefits for the skin diseases make a juice of amla, neem and giloy plant. Mix these well and then drink this juice. One must drink this juice once everyday to get the good results over health.
Get rid of piles:
If you know about piles then you can easily understand what it can be. Piles cause anal itching a nd light blood flow from the anus. This is very irritating situation. So, if you are affected with piles then the juice of giloy with butter milk must be taken.
Removes the toxins from brain:
It can considered as a miracle for improving the mental health of brain. The regular use of Giloy will help in killing the toxins and improve the mental health. Toxins when deposited in the body harm the body and leads to many diseases to it. So, trigger this problem with Giloy.
A good news for Asthma patients:
My neighbour started chewing roots and stem of Giloy as directed by homoeopathy doctor. With in few days of use it done wonders to the health of my neighbour and his respiratory problems has come to an end. After seeing the tremendous results of Giloy even I started taking it daily. So, one should use Giloy for more health benefits in respiration. So, if you are facing the problems with respiration or breathing then its time for you to chew some Giloy. Yet it will not taste good to you but still helpful in curbing the respiration related problems.
Control your diabetes with it:
Now a days diabetes has rooted itself to the depth. Even the kids and youngsters are reported to have diabetes. Diabetes is the initiation of many other health related problems. One can’t beat diabetes, only controlling it is the last option. Giloy is really helpful in fighting with diabetes. One must drink one full glass of giloy juice to keep a control on diabetes.
Cure the indigestion:
When your stomach is upset then using Giloy works wonderfully. Eat its leaves as a paste or in juice form to cure the digestion related problems.
For the liver related diseases:
If you suffer with those painful liver diseases then Giloy can be better option for you. Using the giloy with sugar will be helpful for you to clear the liver and beneficial for skin diseases.
Immunity booster:
Giloy is charged with the essential nutrients which helps a lot in boosting the immunity and improving the health. Those who drink the Giloy juice regularly and daily are stronger and it has antioxidant properties. Moreover, the Giloy is used to flush out all the harmful toxins out of the body.
Helpful in treatment of Chronical fever:
If you are the patient of chronical fever and it makes you uncomfortable then use of Giloy will help you in treatment. Little Giloy with honey is all you need for the treatment of Malaria as mentioned above.
Good for your eye sight:
if you want to have a clear eye vision then Giloy is all you need. The juice of Giloy is really good for the eye sight and after drinking the juice of Giloy one can have a clear eye vision. Many people even reported that they drunk the juice of Giloy and it effected them positively. People with spectacles may drink Giloy regularly to remove the spectacles from the eyes.
Reduction is the signs of ageing:
Well, no one likes the ageing. Even ageing or pre ageing makes you look dull, unattractive or with other signs of ageing such as pimples, acne and black spots. Many skin care creams may promise you with beautiful skin but instead of it, you can get that wonderful skin with drinking regular juice of Giloy.
Note it that Giloy juice must be given in limited amount to kids. For kids less than the age of five this juice must not be given.

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