How to Get Rid of Chest Congestion Fast. Home Remedies

It is very common respiratory disorder.  When you feel difficulty with the breathing it may be due to inhale of dust particles, viruses and bacteria. The mucus is trapped in the respiration track and the mucus is either swallowed off or coughed out. 


How to Get Rid of Chest Congestion Naturally

What causes the chest congestion?
The main reason of chest congestion is when the dust, bacteria and viruses get settled in the mucus membrane of chest and the other reasons are mentioned below:
Common cold:
Many people report the chest congestion due to common cold. So, if you feel difficulty in breathing then cold can be the culprit.
Heart disease:
If you suffer with the heart diseases then this may result in chest congestion problem.
Viral infection:
Any kind of flu or viral infection may grow as the pain in chest or chest congestion.

How to Get rid of Chest Congestion

Its symptoms:
The symptoms are very common in adults as well as children. Pain in chest is a one symptom while the symptoms may grow as:
  1. Cough comes with blood.
  2. Difficulty in breathing.
  3. Red nose.
  4. Throat pain 
  5. Preventions from chest congestion:
  6. The preventive measures from the chest congestion are given below:
  7. Keep away from dust and other viral infections.
  8. Have the citrus and spicy foods.
  9. Take rest and a good sleep for 8 hours.

Home remedies for chest congestion:

Causes, Symptoms, Precautions and Home Remedies of Chest Congestion

Health problems like chest congestion are very common and going to doctor for such problems is not always possible. In such situations home remedies takes its place. There are many things present in our home which we ignore but are very beneficial to get rid of common diseases. If you are suffering with chest congestion then use these home remedies as given below:
The combination of honey and onion:
The best remedy for chest congestion is honey and onion. Honey has inflammatory properties and helps in soothing the mucus while onion increases the effects.
Enough of coughing with mucus..Now, it is time to get the lemon juice and have it. You can have the gargles of grated lemon. Do it twice a day and you will feel better.
Ginger is anti oxidant in nature. It has the great benefits over chest congestion and cough. One can have the ginger tea to get rid of chest congestion. Take few cloves of ginger and add it in hot water. Then add honey to it and make it sweet plus two to three cloves of black pepper. Drink this mixture. 
Black coffee:
If something can provide you relief from chest congestion then that is black coffee. Two to three cups of black coffee a day can cure the mucus as well as soreness in throat and congestion in chest.
Apple cider vinegar:
If any home remedy can work fast and clear the chest congestion then that is apple cider vinegar. Its taste may make you avoid it but it can provide a great relief to you from continue coughing.
The herbal tea:
Herbal tea is made by including many herbs and other natural and essential things. One can make the herbal tea by itself. The herbal tea includes ginger, chamomile and green tea. These work well to provide the energy within and give a relief from chest congestion and blockage of chest.
Oregano oil:
This oil also provides the great relief to throat when applied from externally. One can also take the oregano oil capsules for effects.
It acts as the natural remedy for the treatment of chest congestion and removes the mucus out of the lungs and respiratory track.
Boiled vinegar:
You have vinegar at home then use it to fight with chest congestion. You need to boil some vinegar and inhale the vapors. The vapors go deep inside in chest and respiratory track to soothe the congestion.
If you drink the radish juice daily then it will provide you relief from the chest congestion and breathing will become easy. Have the radish juice twice a day.
Onion juice:
If you are seeking for the most common and easy home remedy then onion is all you need. Take an onion and grind it. Have the onion juice and add honey, two tablespoon of water and lemon juice. Stir the ingredients and make the mixture, warm it slightly. Drink the onion juice two times a day. This will help you to get rid of chest congestion.
Bottom line:
Chest congestion can make your days uncomfortable and you can’t pursue your day to day activities normally. So, use the above mentioned home remedies and get rid of chest congestion.

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