How to Get Rid of Dengue Fever Fast: Home Remedies

A mosquito bite can lead to death if it contains the dengue virus. Dengue virus is spread to human via mosquitoes and this virus cause the symptoms like high fever and respiratory disorder. So, everyone needs to be very careful about the hygiene and symptoms of dengue fever. 


How to Get Rid of Dengue

Let’s have a look over the symptoms and precautions and then home remedies for dengue is given below:
How to Get Rid of Dengue Fever Fast: Home Remedies
Symptoms of dengue fever:
The symptoms appear within the 2 to 4 days after the fever. The symptoms of dengue fever are given below:
  1. The first symptom may appear as the sudden or very high fever. 
  2. Headache is a common symptom in such kind of fever.
  3. Continue vomiting may result in the dehydration.
  4. Bleeding gums and skin itching are other symptoms of dengue fever.
These symptoms closely resemble to viral infection and other viral fever. So, if such kinds of symptoms are shown then the person much go to have the check up for dengue fever.
Precaution from dengue:
Mosquito bite is the main reason of having dengue. So, to protect yourself from dengue firstly protect the mosquito bite. Yet some of the precautions have given below:
  1. The personal hygiene as well as hygiene of surrounding is necessary.
  2. Don’t let the water stored in containers as it can lead to development of mosquito which causes dengue.
  3. Keep the floors clean and dry. Don’t let the water stand on it because the mosquito develop where there is source of water.
  4. Use the mosquito repellant creams when you have to go outside in evening or morning time.
  5. Keep covered your body with cloth.
Precautions for the dengue patient:
Even if after a lot of precautions the patient get attacked by dengue then there is need to follow some precautions which are given below:
  1. Aspirin should not be given to the dengue patient.
  2. The patient needs to drink a lot of water and other necessary fluids.
  3. For fever paracetamol can be taken.
  4. The patient needs to have the full rest.
Symptoms, Causes, Precautions and home remedies of dengue
Home remedies for dengue:
Drinking plenty of water is necessary as dengue cause vomiting and excessive vomiting leads to loose of water from body. So, keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water. If you are non-vegan then eating chicken soup is beneficial for you to reduce the fever and headache.
Unnecessary sleeping may make you drowsy and weak. So, walk outside in fresh air. Sitting in Natural Park or in fresh air will make you more energetic.
Holy basil leaves:
Holy basil leaves are known to as treatment for many diseases and curing the dengue is also one of them. Take at least 10 leaves of holy basil and take one pepper. Crush them and make paste of it. Take the paste with water to cure the dengue fever.
Fenugreek leaves:
The fenugreek leaves are taken with black tea which is very helpful in clearing the body and reducing the dengue fever.
Have papaya juice:
In case of dengue fever the papaya juice can work effectively. These juices are really helpful in increasing the number of blood platelets and improve the health of the person.
Neem leaves:
Well, to treat the person with dengue the Neem leaves can work effectively. These leaves can be used in water for taking the bath as well as the Neem oil can be used for the body. It also works as a good and powerful mosquito repellant.
Coriander leaves:
These leaves are not only for taste of tongue or provide the flavor to food but also beneficial in dengue fever. These leaves are known in giving the relief from the fever. To bring down the fever, coriander leaves need to be boiled in water and then they are filtered to make the syrup. This syrup is then taken to low the fever and get the patient to normal condition.
Power of orange juice:
The orange juice is helpful in digestion as well as promoting the antibodies and healing the body. So, the patient is directed to have the orange juice regularly in case of dengue fever.
Treatment of dengue fever:
If you are looking for the treatment of dengue then there is no such medicine for it. Only taking rest and precautions is the way to treat the dengue fever.
The best way to cure the fever is taking precautions. Otherwise the home remedies are also a proven way to get rid of dengue.

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