How to Get Rid of a Headache Fast

My friend Swesa had a hectic day, today. In evening she was feeling headache but instead of going to doctor she just ignored it by saying that it’s just common and she will be normal within couple of hours. She didn’t even bother it too much. This is common story. Head is most accepted site of the headache pain in the body. Headache can occur gradually or suddenly and may last from hours to several days.

Headaches can be classified into three categories:

  • Primary,
  • Secondary
  • Cranial or Facial Neuralgia’s.


In Primary headaches includes cluster headaches, and Tension headache, migraine.

Tension Headaches:

Tension headaches are the most common type of headaches, now a day this is most commonly noticed among women’s instead of man. Stress, impaired meals and due to skipping meals these are some factors that affect Tension headaches.

Migraine Headaches:

Migraine headaches are second most common type of primary headache. This affects both children’s and adults. After puberty this type is most commonly noticed among women’s then men.

Cluster Headaches:

Cluster headaches are rare type of primary headaches. This type of headaches found more in men as compared to women’s.


This is due to the underlying structural problem in the head or neck.

Cranial or facial neuralgias:

Neuralgia means nerve pain; it is caused by an inflammation of the nerves in the upper part of the neck and the head

How to Get Rid of a Headache Fast

Diagnosis and Tests:

Correct Diagnosis is important in order to perform effective treatment plan.

Blood test and urinalysis :

With the help of both these test doctors determine the cause of headache problem that is caused by diabetes, thyroid problems and infections .

Computerized tomography (CT):

This is an imaging technique in which computer gives detailed view on computer screen. So, that doctor easily detects cause of your headache.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):

In MRI scan magnetic waves and computer are used to produce image rather than X-ray. With the help of this test we easily detect structure and biochemistry of your brain.

Ophthalmology Test:

With the help of CT scan and MRI scan doctors detect your headache problem and that is due to your eye pressure then this test is performed.

How To Get Rid Of Headache Using Home remedies

Many people ignore headache by saying that it is just result of less sleeping, more work and stress. Well, before going for the home remedies, we should know the causes of headache, its prevention and then have a glance to the home remedies for it.

Symptoms of Headache:

  1. No need to explain more, the symptoms are visible to everyone who goes through the headache.
  2. Pain in head region that goes down to nerves and neck.
  3. A nerve pain which cause the sensation at forehead.
  4. Feeling tired and pain in muscles of neck, eyes and face.

What causes headaches ?

  • The primary headache is temporary and it is caused due to day to day activities such as:
  • It may occur due to the stress and daily hectic work.
  • You may also feel the headache due to fever and coughing.
  • Any kind of tension or heart break also leads to headache.
  • Not doing exercise and lazy lifestyle also lead to headache.
  • Dehydration and intake of unhealthy food is also results in headache.

Home Remedies for Headache

Many people prefer to have medicines to suppress the headache but remain unaware with the fact those medicines results in some side effects. While the home remedies for headache don’t have side effects and they even help you to get a permanent cure for headache.

Drink a lot of water:

Well, headache can be controlled by drinking water in excess. Water is helpful to provide the minerals to body which can improve the circulation of fluids to all parts of body including the brain.


Your everyday nuts can become a trick to fight back with headache and defeat it. This amazing nuts has salicin which can stop the pain on headache. These nuts are also used to sharpening brain and enhance the memory.

Yoga and meditation:

The science of yoga and meditation is very old yet very effective. So, if headache is becoming your everyday problem then start doing yoga. There are some definite poses of yoga which helps in relaxing the body and mind.

Chamomile tea:

If something is eating up your brain and causing you headache then sip some chamomile tea. The chamomile tea has ingredients which lowers the stress and heal the body. One must have a cup of chamomile tea daily.


If you think that ginger is just kitchen stuff then you are wrong. The ginger tea is not only the remedy for sore throat and cough but it is also helpful in relaxing your body and mind from headache.


Migraine is the pain which continue for hours on head. There are several reasons for migraine pain such as many hormonal changes, food, excessive drinking and drugs. Yet, there are certain home remedies which can overcome the pain of migraine such as:

Muscle relaxation to ease headache:

To deal with the migraine is quite difficult, but possible. One can do some easy exercises to have relief from the headache.

Having the proper sleep:

A proper sleep in migraine is also very important. Don’t have over sleep or too little sleep. A sound sleep for 8 hours is needed.

Lemon therapy:

The lemon peels are really helpful in dealing with migraine pain and overcome it. So, peel off few lemon peels, crush them and make paste of it. Then make a juice of it and drink it. You will really feel good.

Headache fighter: cabbage

Cabbage is not only a delicious vegetable to eat or better salad for garnishing but you can make it as a home remedy to fight with headache and migraine. Just have the cabbage, cut it in pieces; make a paste out of it can wrap it in cloth. Then put that wrapping to your forehead. You will feel more relaxed.

Carrot plus spinach juice:

Both carrot and spinach juice are very good fight with headache. Take both the juices in equal amounts then mix them well. Drink it. Regular use of this juice will provide the relief from headache. Carrot juice is also good for health and heart as well as it keeps the eye sight accurate.

Alternative headache treatment:

  • Over the counter medicine: various over the counter medicines are available in market such as Aspirin, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: This therapy is best to treat migraines headache.
  • Triptans and narcotics: These drugs useful to treat migraines and tension headaches.


Old saying but true “prevention is better than cure! “. So, for that you need a little change in your lifestyle for healthy life.


Take a proper rest to remove Headache as our body needs some break from your daily schedule.

Eat small meals:

You need to take frequent meals after an interval of time. For that you have to add magnesium and iron rich foods in your diet.

Deep breathing:

When you are sitting or lying down on bed breath slowly and deeply which increase oxygen content in your brain.

Enjoy your life:

Spend some time with your family, listening to calm music or ocean rhythms these may relax your brain.

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