How to Get Rid of Influenza: Home Remedies

Influenza known as the common flu and also known as one of the common occurring health problems. It occurs due to viral attack called influenza virus and this disease is communicable. The viral attack shows its symptoms as the disorders in respiration, breathing problems and fever. 

How to Get Rid of Influenza Fast

How to Get Rid of Influenza Fast
Let’s know more about the symptoms of influenza.
Influenza occurs by the three types of virus attack Influenza virus an attack, influenza virus B attack and influenza virus C attack. The symptoms of A and virus are clearly visible while Virus C may show little respiratory symptoms or no symptoms at all. 
But the common symptoms are mentioned below.
  1. The watery or running nose.
  2. Headache and the body ache are common symptoms of influenza.
  3. High fever which crosses even 100 F.
  4. Cough congestion and sore throat. It may create problem for you in talking.
  5. High sweating or feeling chill even in normal temperature.
Well, if your body is showing such kind of behaviour then this may be the influenza attack. Many people prefer to treat such viral attack with the home remedies while other prefers to know the precautions than the further uncomforted in treatment. So, here are the precautions given:
Precautions from the influenza virus:
To prevent yourself from the viral attack the below mentioned precautions must be taken:

The better precaution from getting the viral attack is having the seasonal vaccination.
Otherwise take proper care of yourself like, wash your hands whenever come from outside, don’t touch anything which is public, cover your mouth and hands when in public, avoid to be in direct contact to sick people.
Be health conscious, eat healthy food, drink a lot of water and have a proper sleep at night.
When you are infected then don’t go outside and avoid touching nose, mouth and face. It may lead to more germs build-up.
Home remedies to cure influenza virus:

Causes, Symptoms and Precautions of influenza

Either you keep precautions or not, there are chances to get sick with flu. For the treatment from viral attack there are some home remedies. Check them out; use them to fight against the flu.
The warm water: the most essential thing in flu:
Flu always makes your nose running and sore throat due to lack of water. It may also lead to dehydration which worse the situation. So in such cases don’t leave the companionship with warm water and have 8-10 glasses of water a day.
Hot drinks make you feel relaxed:
If something can be there which relax you from in congestion and throat problem then it will be the sip of hot tomato soup or a coffee. It helps in reduce the mucus running from the nose and give relief from soreness of throat.
The hot compression makes you feel better:
This is the time when you need the cozyness and warmth. Yes, a hot compression can make you feel so. Take a cloth warm it slightly and put on the nose, fore head and face. Slowly, slowly it will give you relief from pain and you will feel sleepy.
Don’t forget to gargle:
For the entire respiratory blockage, cough, in congestion, sore throat etc slightly warm water gargle is enough. It helps in preventing from the dry throat also. Doctors recommend gargling twice a day when you feel infected with flu.
Hot oil massage for body ache:
Here your friends and family members play a role when you are infected and need a whole body massage. Use any body oil, warm it slightly and massage it on your whole body. Cover your body with warm quilt and sleep. Next time when you wake up, you will feel the relief.
What to eat to during flu to catalyse healing process:
There are some food and fruits which are really helpful in healing process. When you feel the symptoms of flu means you should increase the quantity of these edible in food such as: banana, tea or coffee, onion, carrot etc. Don’t have ice creams or cold causing edibles because they affect the health, adversely.
Influenza virus vaccination:

There are available influenza viruses vaccinations which prevent anyone to be get attacked from the virus and get hospitalized. The vaccine results in developing the antibodies against the virus within body and these antibodies will trigger the growth of any kind of influenza virus. So, for the protection purpose everyone is recommended to have the vaccination against the influenza virus, including a child of 6 months.  

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