How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear Fast

Many times people are noticed with figures into ears as they step out of bathroom. It seems little humorous but you know only the wearer knows how is the shoe pinches exactly like what it’s like having the water inside the ear. While taking the bath or swimming water gets trapped in the ear. The water is protected to go inside the ear with the help of wax but still sometimes the water goes inside the ear and creates the problems. The fluid entered in the ear is not a simple problem but it leads to many problems related to hearing loose, cyst formation within the ear.

How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear Fast
How Do You Get Water Out Of Your Ear After Swimming

Well, to avoid such situations there are only two solutions, either have a bath carefully or try out some simple remedies to get water out of ear. If the fluid is entered in the middle ear then one must go to see the doctor while if it temporary then it can be removed by using the simple steps as given below:

The easiest step:

This is the most common step which maximum of us do. Yes, we humans understand the force of gravity and to release water out of ear, this trick always works. The very easy step of removing the water from the ear is just tilting the head slightly downward. Keep your head in such motion so that water finds its passage. Otherwise tap your head. Don’t use the ear bud as it may create more problems to you.

Fill the air in mouth:

Usually kids play with such tricks, filling air in mouth etc. But sometimes these kid dish things save you from most hassles. The water from the ear can be thrown out by just filling the air in mouth and close the nostril then pressurize the ears to burst the extra water out of ears. This therapy is very helpful in throwing the water out of ears.

The blow dryer:

A blow dryer is not only the hairs thing but can be used for blowing the excessive water out of ear and making the ear listen-able. Well, you can get rid of excessive water from the ear by just using this blow dryer technique. Set the warm air of the blow dryer and then blow it to your ear. This will help in removing water from the ear.

Use of rubbing alcohol and vinegar:

The rubbing alcohol and vinegar are really helpful in removing the water out of ear and making the hearing better. Mix them in equal parts and apply them to ear. The excessive water will automatically get out of ears.


If nothing is successful then heating therapy can make the difference. Taking the steam to mouth and ears helps in throwing out the excessive water. So, inhale steam by covering your mouth with the help of towel. Then remove the towel and let the water go out of the ears.

False yawning:

Well, yawning is the thing you do to remove your laziness. But you know, yawning is also helpful in removing the water out of ears. Because when you yawn there feels a pressure on the muscles of ears and this helps in removing the extra water out of ears.

Chew gum:

Chewing the gum just for fun is good but it has something more to do. The movements of mouth whilechewing the gum remove the water out of ear.

Garlic and olive oil:

Garlic is not only kitchen stuff. It is proven as a great home remedy many times such as, for removing the water out of ear. So, make a paste of garlic in olive oil and let it warm for some time. Then pour it in both the ears. And then pour a drop of it in both the ears.

This ingredient mixture is very helpful in removing the dirt and bacteria out of ears and makes the hearing clear.

Make the paste of garlic and add some olive oil. Mix the both ingredients well and then apply them to the ears.

Salt is used to treat water in ear as it easily absorbs water. Take a small amount of salt in a cup and microwave. Wrap microwave salt in a cotton cloth and place near the opening of affected ear for few minutes. It most probably evaporates fluid from ear.
Baby Oil:
Baby oil is very good moisturizing oil and also helps to reduce ear wax. Take an ear dropper fill it with baby oil, Tilt your head in such a way that your infected ear pointed upwards. After adding oil hold your ear for a while and then return to your normal position.
Hydrogen Peroxide:
Due to its effervescent property it is very effective way to get rid of fluid in ear along with wax and debris. With the help of dropper, put four to five drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide into your ear. Allow it to settle down and then tilt your ear downward so that fluid easily gets out from your ear.
Yes gravitational force is very useful to drain water from your ear. Tilt your head sideways in such a way that your head appear parallel to the ground. Then place your palm and press hard against the opening of infected ear and after few minutes quickly remove your hand.

Over the counter ear drop:
Some over the counter drugs are easily available in pharmacy stores. These drugs contain alcohol which can easily evaporate fluid fast.

Warm Water:
This is cheap and effective way to get relief from trapped water. You just need to dab your cotton ball in warm water and add droplets of warm water over your infected area. Hold for a few minutes and then wipe away excess ear wax.
Things to remember:
• Mothers always tell us not to put anything sharp or pointed objects into the ear canal because it may puncture our eardrum.
• Always dry to use table or chair when you jump to remove water because Trapped water may cause dizziness and loss of balance.
• When you add alcohol or any over the counter drug you feel some burning effect but it was only for few seconds so don’t panic.
• If you do not found effective results from above treatments and you feel ear pain or loss in hearing, then do consult your doctor.

For everyday problems we hesitate to go to doctor and looks for the simple remedies. These were some of the remedies to remove the water from ears and even then if the water is not getting out of ear then concern the doctor.

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