How to Have Sex for the First Time

“Sex is the most enjoying thing of this world”, people say. But the virgins remain untouched with this fact. They always ponder how? If you are also one of those people who are going to have sex for the first time and want to know how? Then the answer is given below:

Learn How To Have Sex For The First Time

How to Have Sex for the First TimeInterest of both the partners matters a lotWell, sex is not something which can be enjoyed by both even if one of the partners is not willing to have. The mutual understanding and concern of both the partners is most important. So, you need to find out first that… is your partner in sex is really want to have it or not and how to find out it is really simple.A touch, hug or trying to come more closer are the indirect sign about your partner’s willingness but for assurance one must look forward to the direct signs by simply asking it directly.

Don’t take risk:

When sex can be a pleasure to you then on the other hand it is risky too. Biologically sex is the way for mutification of any species and conceives a baby. With medical advancements, human are blessed with enjoying the sex as well as. Sex is amazing it is known as backbone of relationship, it makes the commitment stronger, grow the understanding and helps in strengthen the bond between two people. But, many people take it as fun and believe that sex as one night stand is better than show commitment and stick to only one person in relationship. Well, don’t take it lightly as sex is also related to unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. So, it’s better to choose a safe sex rather than risky one. Use condom when you want to have sex and reduce the risk of unsafe sex. So, make sure that you are heading toward the safer sex with the use of condoms.

The place: all set:

A particular place and a good environment for having sex is very important for a better and enjoying sex. A cozy soft bed with the awesome aroma and dim light makes the perfect environment for having the sex. So, choose a bedroom or other such comfortable place to enjoy it.

The first move:

When everything i.e. the place to have sex, the person and mood is set then it’s the time to have actual sex. While making the first move you must not show your desperation to that person as well as should not take it casually. So, make the first move towards your partner with love and then wait for his/her reaction.

The first kiss:

Well, a kiss is said to be arousal of sex in men and women. It helps both to get closer and enjoy it. A gentle kiss on neck and lips help in mesmerizing both the partners. This is the perfect way to start the sex.

Foreplay is important:

It is proven many times that there is a definite value of foreplay. Before the actual coarse have time to do little- little things as fore play to get your partner closer to you. The kiss, hug and other little things are helpful in taking the people closer to each other. So, spend more time in talking to each other and understanding.

Insertion is the main step:

This is the step in which your penis is ready to insert into the vagina. Most of the men get wrong position and try to found where the vagina is, this may be painful for women. So a good way to find the vagina is simply take help from your partner.

Ending up:

When you are done with your work, don’t separate immediately, try to spend some more time with your partner. Ask each other about the experience of the Sex. It can be exciting sometimes but avoid doing it on regular basis. You can also tease her after sex and also tells her that how good She/he during sex.

Explore the different sex positions:

Don’t stick to only one position while doing the sex but try out all the sex positions. Let her control you sometimes either you control her. Trying out all the sex positions can help you in better sex and the satisfaction level of both the partners will increase.

Some positions are described below:

The cat position: also known as Coital Alignment Technique.

According to experts those women’s who were unable to have an orgasm in normal position assumed that this position increases 56% of orgasm frequency. This position is just like normal except that male’s body is slightly up and on one side in such a way that men’s chest comes closure to women’s shoulder. And women’s has her hips up.

Waterfall position:

In this posture you need to move at the edge of your bed and lie back so that your head and shoulder touches the floor and allow your partner to straddles you. In this position blood will flood to your head and creating awesome sensations.

The butterfly position

In this position ask your women partner to lying on the edge of the bed or on a table, then she put her legs over his shoulders and adjusts her hips accordingly. Then man inserts his penis in her vagina. This position is effectively producing vaginal and uterine orgasms.

Doggy style

In this position women needs take position like doggy so that man easily inserts his penis by thrusting you from back. This may be painful for women’s so keep in mind you need to do this slowly and gently. In this position women either stay in still position or she can push their hips back against your partner.

Cow girl:

This is effective to stimulate G-spot and also for her orgasm. This is the best sex position because this position gives tremendous sights and sensations. In this position women’s have feel advantage as it allow them to control pace, depth, speed and also angle of the penetration. In this position man just need to lying on a bed in straight position and women just sit on your thighs so that men easily penetrate her and she straddles him forward.

Reverse cow girl position:

Man always love when girls are on the top during sex. This also gives advantage for women as they at the queen in this case because they hold speed, movement and angle of penetration. In this position man lying on the bed and women are on the top and straddles him from backward. In this position women face towards man feet. This is the best that surely allow women’s orgasm to come out.

After sex:

Once you are done with sexual intercourse then it is not the end of story but still you can enjoy the moment. You can tell about your experience with your partner and thank him/her about having such a wonderful time. Don’t shy to share some of the things you liked about it and those which you disliked. Once you are done with all the activities then it’s the time to wash your intimate parts and throw the condom at dustbin. Some people also prefer to have a bath after it.

Some tips for first time sex:

Safe sex:

While playing sex make sure play it with safety. Make sure he is wearing his protection (condom) even you are on your Pill. It’s always better discussing your sexual medical history so that you both know every single detail.


Don’t forget to foreplay as it is helpful to release orgasm with the help of touching, kissing and hug or perform oral sex.


When you start doing sex for the first time it’s quite nervous. For that need to take long deep breath can help you relax.

Don’t expect too much:

Expectation are the root of all major problems. So, don’t expect too much from your partner and don’t pressurize your partner to make it the best night ever.

If need lubricated:

Just in case if your vagina is too dry so it creates difficulty for your partner to get his penis in. So, keep water–based lube on hand is this problem occurs.

Erectile dysfunction:

If you found your partner not able to eject his penis don’t shout, or don’t feel bad. He needs your concern.

Make sure after sex you both wash your private parts. Boys please dispose of the condom properly. Throw your condom in a dustbin rather than flushing it.

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