How to Remove Tan Naturally- Home Remedies

Sun is always here to shed its rays to you, sometimes cool and other times too hot to handle. Wrapping yourself with covers of scarf or full sleeves is the ultimate way to protect you from sun. When we compare the shades of skin then use those quick tips like bleach or use of those whitening cosmetics

How to Get Rid of Tan from Face and Arms
How to Remove Tan from Face, Arms and Legs Naturally Home Remedies

But all those easy ways takes the toll and results in more skin problems like infection, rashes or redness.  Either shield yourself from sun rays or just use the below mentioned home remedies to that lost fairness back.
Home remedies to protect yourself from skin tan:
Well, ignoring sun becomes difficult sometimes and it reciprocates as skin tan. Using harmful methods to remove tanning is worst. So, best way is just use these home remedies which results positively on skin without any side effect and less expensive.
There are some of the face packs mentioned below which will provide you the tan free skin:
Turmeric is healing… always:
Whether its wounds or just darkness of skin. Turmeric is always at our service with its natural ingredients to make the skin shades lighter. Turmeric gives the fairness t skin and add glow to the face. If gram flour is added to turmeric then the whole face pack combat the skin tan, excellently.
Your plan:
Gram flour is basically a scrub which ex-foliates all the dead cells from the skin and makes it clear. So, take three table spoons of gram flour and add a pinch of turmeric powder to it. Pour some milk to it and make a paste of it. For more benefits you can add some crushed orange peel and rose water. Rose water makes skin supple and soft while the orange peel give radiance to skin. Apply it on the skin evenly and let it for almost half an hour. Wash the face with water. You can repeat the process thrice a day to get vibrant skin with more fairness.
How to Get Rid of Skin Tan
Papaya pack: fruit magic will work:
Fruits are not only to eat. They are wonderful when they apply to skin and example is papaya fruit.  The secret behind the goodness of papaya is enzyme Papain. This enzyme helps in removal of scars, wrinkle lines and tan. You can apply this fruit directly to face, but we prefer it to be used with honey. 
Your plan:
Mash half of papaya and add honey to it. Mix both of them well and apply both of them on the face and other reason of skin where you feel the tanning. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash the face. Rpeatng this remedy regularly will provide the glow to skin.
Can’t miss the Aloe Vera:
There is skin problem and Aloe Vera is missing…not possible. In every skin problem Aloe Vera has some solution. You can put Aloe Vera directly to skin to ease yourself from the hustle of making the wholesome face pack or get some time to make a pack for fast results. Here you need tomato which you know helps in rejuvenation of skin as well as red lentil pulse which is a known remedy for skin tan.
Your plan:
Take the Aloe Vera gel from the pulp and mix it with tomato pulp. Mash both of them well. Now take the red lentil pulse (soaked in water already for 30 minutes). Grind the three ingredients to make a face pack. Apply it on the face and then keep it for 15 minutes. Remove the pack and rinse the face with water.
When there is sun tan…there must be orange:
Why we promote orange? Because it has the Vitamin C. this helps in improving the tone of skin and makes it fairer than earlier. When yogurt added to it then the whole pack becomes favorite f skin to conquer those witty tans. 
Your plan: 
The plan for this is pretty much simple and easy. For every tablespoon of yogurt, you need one half glass of orange juice. Then follow the same process i.e. make it a paste, apply on the face and other targeted areas. If you repeat the remedy daily then you will find the results within a week.
Potatoes:  More than just snacks:
Potatoes have more uses just than fulfilling your tummy. It has proteins and vitamins which add glow to skin externally as well. Not only just the skin tan but the slices of potato can also remove the under eye dark circles.
Your plan:
Take two potatoes and extract the juice of them. Pinch of lemon juice added to it I enough to remove the tan add glow to skin.   Apply it on the skin and rest procedure is the same. 
Richness of almond oil face pack:
If you are ready to sacrifice a good amount of money on skin tan then buy almond oil. So, get it and for rest just read the plan and apply it on your skin.
Your plan:
Add two tablespoon of milk power to one tablespoon of honey and three drops of honey. Mix all of them well then apply it to your face. Wash the face and repeat this remedy twice a day.
Beat the side effects of heat and sun with the nourishing effects of above mentioned home remedies.

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