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Eat fats to lose fats… sounds weird, but it’s true. The low carbohydrates and high fat diets support intake of high fat to avoid sugar in food. This whole diet plan worked on an awesome principal, “eat luscious food as much as you can to gratify your appetite and lose weight”. Not a day dream it is…. but can be turned to sweet reality by restricting sweets in diet.

When we say this, all kinds of questions are flung by folks and friends about how it worksand what to eat etc. So, let’s dig it to its roots and find out how low carbs and high fat overwhelm obesity.
LCHF Weight USA  How to lose weight in a week with diet plan fast

Here is the answer for what to eat:

The diet includes all fats like butter, cheese, meat, fish, egg, green leafy vegetables. Yet, stock is not limited for vegan as coconut, blueberries, nuts, chilies, mushrooms, eggplant are ready to compete with fish and meat in terms of taste cum high fat content.
What not to eat:
The low calorie and high fat diet works with what to eat and what not to.  So, the food items you have strictly avoid are sugar products and starch like candy, cold drinks, chocolate, bread, pasta, potato, ice cream etc. list include all the products which contribute in increasing carbohydrates in body. Well, on the whole wherever it is written “no fat” don’t buy eat.
About how it works:
For all the curious people here is the logic for illogical looking statement “eat fat to burn fat”. When sugar is minimized in diet, blood sugar level get balanced and ratio of fat storage in body falls, when fat is consumed by body then you remain in shape and free from obesity. Within a week or two the person adopting this diet feels the gradual downfall of belly and abdominal weight. Only need is control the desire of eating sugary things which becomes hurdle in the working of diet and provide the results.
LCHF Diet Weight Loss USA 2015
Going to buy the LCHF Diet:
In US trend for LCHF diet it at its zenith. Everyone look for such diet in market. SO, a big questions … Where to find the yummy but healthy LCHF diet? Well, for you lovely readers we have researched some common available LCHF diet in USA.
So, pick up your bag, go for shopping and add below mentioned items to your grocery (be, careful about what not to buy as we listed about what should not to eat):
Green vegetables (on the priority… and easily available). Surplus your things to buy with blueberry, butter, cream with extra fat, cheese, eggs, fish, meat, olive oil ( for cooking),
The delicious cum healthy food for breakfast:
High quality almonds, full fat cheese, eggs, blueberries and of course reddish tomato to add tongue licking taste to food, lot of cream to garnish blueberries and coffee.  Yes, a hot cup of coffee with extra cream (extra means …some more) is enough to surmount your whole-day-drossiness and good combo for LCHF diet.  And if you ever wander for sumptuous taste in fruits then sprinkle cream to blueberries…. have it … and you will discover the taste.
What’s in lunch?
Once you start following this diet every time you look for LCHF diet, no matter its lunch or dinner. So, in lunch you can offer yourself some meat (any, which you like) with again some butter (I know high fat). For the twist in taste pair it with green leafy vegetables, some sauce and your favourite wine. Better deal for lunch. Or, add this list to order in restaurant.
 Super Supper:
To add deliciousness in supper, you can make any mishmash with above mentioned food items. Nuts, eggs with cheese or butter, blueberries and cream can become easy cum diet friendly choice for supper.
What about dinner:
For dinner fish, hamburger with extra cheese, nuts even if going to dine outside home then strictly say no to soft drinks, pastry, pizza and cold drinks.
LCHF What to Eat Weight loss diet plan 2015 USA
You don’t need the diet plan:
Just ponder; we are born in nature and nature if flawless. So, restricting your hunger to lose weight is so unfair when you are offered with so good food.  And of course the humans of early ages were free from such restrictions (or maybe there were no chocolates). Low insulinand low carbs diet provide you energy, satisfaction and contentment about gradually losing weight. And if you are prone to diabetes due to ancestral history then start following this LCHF diet for a good health in future.

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We are not denying from side effects:

Our body works on certain mechanism and everything is important either its sugar or salt, to keep body minerals and hormones normal. But, when you are told to restrict to one kind of diet or food, initially our body doesn’t accept it. The rejection for low sugar diet can be seen as some side effects as experienced by many people who followed this diet.
You may feel little headache in initial days which may follow by heart burn, drowsiness and fatigues. Sometimes, the symptoms are for initial few days and once the body gets habitual then you start feeling normal. To minimize the side effects, you can increase water intake which helps in salt and fat balance in body. Normally one must drink eight-glasses-of-water-daily. Don’t disappear the sugar and starch from diet, just minimize the level.
Once you attain the normal weight then you can shift to sugary foods to some extent. But once your body gets habitual to less sugar diet then it

Why it didn’t works to me?

Well, many people who thought LCHF is the magic spell and would work wonderfully to conquest extra weight and ill health realized it-was-just-a-rumor after testing it. But it is actually not a rumor. May be it didn’t worked for them because they haven’t done it properly.
Smoothie recipe for weight loss diet plan LCHF USA
Note it down, if you are not particular with what to eat and what to neglect then it will not result in losing weight.
You were strict to diet but unknowingly actually take carbs:
What toavoid directly may be taken by you indirectly. Yes, it happens with many people. They avoid direct offer of cake, burger or chocolate but indirectly or unknowing have the starch and sugar in for of beer, small piece of cheery or just a small piece of cake in birthday oh….. But it was too small. And maybe that’s why your weight loses progress is also small… too small.
You didn’t understand the concept:
Well, here in LCHF diet you have to eat more. But many people are misguided and eat less than required, plus they eat little sugar. Results in no output and maybe same happened with you.
Science progress, new inventions come up, old theories altered with new one and life goes on.  If you go few years back, fat was considered as danger to your health, but now in this era it is discovered as god for health. Fat kill fat. So, be strict to your low carbs and high fat diet to say bye-bye to unwanted kilos of weight. Yes, it works and there are many success stories which enchant about it. Well, you can be the next amazing your friends and acquaintances about how-you-became-thin-by-eating-full-with-no exercise. 

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