The GM Diet: The General Motors’ 7 day diet for weight lose

Tired of hearing weight lose thing? But this weight lose is always a “hot topic in market” as obesity is winning and weight lose factor is still the same. Tell me, who is in this world not interested in having a perfect figure? Of course everyone want to look perfect. A balance diet plan makes this happen as tested and proven by many people. A balance diet and weight lose are always equal to each other. So, for your fitness readers, just try out gm diet and lose your weight.

Why GM diet?

The GM Diet: The General Motors’ 7 day diet for weight lose
This is most common question asked by those irritated people who are tired of hearing weight lose diets. But don’t worry as we are not tired of answering.
Have the glow for your face:
Attention ladies! This diet is worth to give a chance because it can make your face glow. Yes, the gm diet is very helpful in reducing the spots from the face and makes you feel more beautiful.

Removal of toxins:

This diet helps in removing the toxins out of body. Well, if want to feel little more energetic and light. Then gm diet is a must for you

Losing weight is the priority:

Of course you want to lose weight and that’s why you are ready to follow gm die. But do you know one can reduce 3 to 6 km within a week.

Soothe the digestive system:

Well, the gm diet is also helpful in comfort the digestive system and provides you ease in digestive system.

A gm diet can work very well to you with the nutrient enrichment which will give a better taste to tongue as well as a good health. All you need to follow is 7 day diet plan of gm diet which is mentioned as follow:

Day 1 is only dedicated to Fruits:

You know it very well that how much the fruits important for health. Fruits not only help you with providing glowing skin but also sharpen the mental ability as well as contribute in physical health.

In the first day of diet plan eat only fruits. So, have the slices of water melon, orange, apple and other fruits.

Restrict the intake of banana. It can be any fruit but not banana.

You can include the fruit juices as your first day gm diet.

Day 2 is for vegetables:

The day 2 diet is meant to add the vegetables in diet. It can be the raw vegetables like broccoli or cucumber which can take as salad or cooked vegetables.

The baked potatoes can be a good choice to start your day.

Don’t make your meal spicy or salty.

Day 3: A mixed diet of fruits and vegetables:

The gm diet plan relaxes you in day 3 with the mix of fruits and vegetables. You can include any number of fruits and vegetables in your day 3 diet.

Don’t have the banana and potato in the day 3 diet. 

Day 4 diet: Power of banana and milk:

The day 4 diet is easy. Anyhow you have to take 8 bananas and at least three glasses of milk. This is necessary so that you can make the sodium and potassium level in the body. 

The day 5 diet: 

The day 5 gm diet is planned just to enhance the protein ratio in the body. So, if you are non vegetarian then oz beef meat with 6 tomatoes a day and for non- vegetarians cottage cheese with six tomatoes.

The day 6 diet:

On the sixth day the diet is repeated as beef meat or cottage cheese with extra amount of vegetables either cooked or uncooked.

Day 7: Last day of diet:
This can be considered as the last day to become lighter than the 7 days before. In the last day you need to have brown rice, fruit juices and vegetables.
Don’t forget 10 glasses of water a day:

This gm diet works if you also drink 10 glasses of water along with your diet. It helps in keep you hydrated and flush out the toxins out of body. 

After following this gm diet plan you will surely feel lighter, healthier and happier. This is most recommended diet with hardly any side effects. Anyone can start following this diet but a doctoral concern is also a better option. We wish a good health to you and may you get slim and healthier soon.

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