Home Remedies for Anal Fissure Quickly

This is very embarrassing disease in which patient feels a small tear in the lining of anus. This is painful and causes the irritation. It may also lead to bleeding as well as bowel movements. There can be any reason for its occurrence but generally it occurs due to the hard stools and pressure of the anal area.
How to Get Rid of Anal Fissure
The symptoms of anal fissures are mentioned below:
What are the symptoms of anal fissures?
You may feel the thin and light color of blood in the stools.
Itching, discomfort and pain in the anal lining is the common symptom of anal fissures.
A skin tag or lump found near the anal lining may recognize the anal fissures.
The pain and bowel movement usually lasts for many hours and it is significant feature of having the anal fissures.
What are the causes of anal fissures?
There are some common causal of anal fissures which are mentioned below:
It is known as the major reason for the anal fissure. With constipation passing of stools becomes really difficult and it leads to the occurrence of anal fissures.
Diarrhea is also a reason for the anal fissure. Those who have the diarrhea attack must take care for themselves as they have more chances to get stuck with the anal fissures.
Ancestral history:
Getting the anal fissures are majorly depends on the ancestral history for it. So, one must consider medical history of family and it can be major symptom in having the anal fissures.
Other diseases: There are chances that other diseases may invite the anal fissures to you. They are HIV, TV etc. Being safe from such diseases is a must to stay protected from the anal fissures.
Home remedies for anal fissures:
Yet, it is a very painful as well as difficult disease. Staying protected from it must be priority. Otherwise, one must follow the given mentioned home remedies to get rid of anal fissures:
Olive oil:
To get rid of anal fissures, it is important to soften the stools. Well, olive oil helps in doing so. It is very beneficial oil which helps to make the stools soft and normal. Olive oil is known for healing the anal fissures effectively.
How to use it:
Take some drops of olive oil and put it in the rectum. This will help in curing the inflammation as well as reducing the itching sensation.
Aloe vera:
Also known as wonderful herb, aloe vera is helpful in reducing the inflammation as well as discomfort created during the stools. Aloe vera is used for various skin problems from the ancient times and it is very effective also.
How to use it:
There are different methods of using the aloe vera. It can be directly used on the fissures as an ointment. This provides comfort from the itching and pain. Either drinking one glass of aloe vera juice can also solve the purpose of infection and skin problem. Drinking aloe vera juice always helps in getting glow to the skin as well as keeps the skin problems away from you.
Wheat germ oil:
Well, if you are looking for such home remedy for anal fissures which gives the effective results within no time then it is wheat germ oil. This oil is quite effective in use as well as removes the problem of anal fissures.
How to use it:
Take a small amount of wheat germ oil and apply it on the anal area. Let it be there for some time.  After half an hour remove it and wipe the area with using a clean and wet cloth or the toilet paper. You can repeat this remedy twice a day for the better results.
Some more tips:
Including the home remedies, you must use the simple tips in your lifestyle as well as diet and get rid from the irritating anal fissures.
Keep yourself clean.
Use baking soda or warm water to clean the anal or rectum area. Sitting on the toilet for a long time can increase the problem. So, keep yourself safe from any kind of infection.
Have the abundance amount of fruits and juices in your daily diet. These helps in providing the energy and reduce the chances of getting the diseases.
Include the fibers in your food. Fibers helps in making the stools soft and it results in creating less pressure during the stools.
These were some of the home remedies to deal with the anal fissures. If still you feel anal fissures after taking the home remedies then consulting the doctor is a muast for you.

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